Don’t Get Done Dom’s Back

Are you being treated unfairly by a retailer, company, organisation or local council? Are you caught up in a bureaucratic storm or being wrapped up in red tape? Have you complained, but feel like you’re getting nowhere?

If your answer is yes, why not see if the BBC’s Dominic Littlewood can help you out?

Don’t Get Done, Get Dom

BBC1’s hugely popular consumer affairs programme, is back for a second series and we want you to be a part of it!

Please contact us ASAP for further information/application form.

Series Hotline: 020 7278 5052

Series Email:

Please remember to leave your phone number when you contact us.

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paul glossop June 18, 2013 at 8:25 pm

i have worked at notts forest football ground through a london interior company they have not paid me or any others . they have told me to stop contacting them as i did not work for them they have threatened legal action for slander.their was a labourer their who had no qualifications but was doing the second fix work whom was also on sickness benifit.


LAURA WALLER October 18, 2013 at 6:09 pm

HELLO Mr Littlewood
Iam in need of your help please read on
hi my name is laura waller and i have a massive problem and a challage for you please bear with me this may take some exsplaining
i,m having nothing but problems with uk mobility i have been a customer of there for the past nearly 6 years or more and i have had nothing but problems with there service and there scooters
i have now brought one scooter witch after spending £3,500 on my first scooter when i was told they would buy it back so i could get a new one but i was horrorfied that they offered me £50 i desided that we would try and sell my first scooter privertly and continued to buy a new scooter using there hassle free mobility sceem after having my new scooter for just a week it had to go to there matinance as most of the wheel nuts and chair nuts and screws came lose when they brought it back they told me that that was normal just a month or so later it went back to matinance as the chair just stoped all the lights work the horn works and hazzards work but there was just no drive so it went back it has been 2 and half years of this scooter going back and forth and i have tryed to sort it out in many ways from calling the shop i brought it from to calling the area manager where over 8 months ago after the scooter whent back 4 times in just over 7 weeks i was told that if it went wrong they would look in to it to see if i could possibley change the scooter or replacing the product to witch i was told that as i didnt have it for 2 years yet there wasnt much hope of replacing all they could do is keep an eye on the repeares its now been 2 and a half years and my contract runs out in just over 5 months i have been ofered 2 choices ether they take away the scooter that has cost nearly £5,000 so far and cancell my contract but if i do that i would not be allowed to use the mobility sceem ever again OR they let the same mecanics that ether tell me the problem fix or that they couldnt find the problem and yet again they would keep an eye on the repeairs witch is all most the same thing they told me nearly 8 months ago its gone wrong 4 more times since then and thats not including there yearly service just resently the mobility scooter broke down again were i was left for nearly 2 weeks with out being able to get out of my flat as they dint have a loaner this isnt the first time when i ask for one im told they dont have to lend me one its just a cortsey yet in my contract it says every effort will be made to lend one then with in 2 days of getting my scooter back this time after waiting for the weather to clear i took out my scooter just for it to do the same thing i was told last friday i would have to wait till monday for anyone to help me out i waited till 12pm monday and noone called so i had to chace them up again but as my hubbie was wheeling it out of the flat amazingly it starts to work again i then called the matinance office told them that it was working again but wasnt sure how long for and that i had no cofidance that this scooter would get me from a to b they told me well if it stops again give us a call and were look over it
I feel that this whole companie is taking the right mic out of me and i am now begging you to please help me out i am in need of your help as i am bang my head against the wall this scooter has gone back to there menders 20 to 30 times in 2 and a half years please mr littlewood i really do need your help please i dont know what else i can do im sorry this is so long and i really do hope you take time to read this i at my witts end and you are my last chance i dont know whom else to turn to PLEASE HELP many thanks for your time i do hope to hear back from you soon mrs waller


miss P Thompson April 15, 2014 at 11:45 am

Hello Mr.little
I have a 5yr contract on my food shop. Don’t owe no rent and owner change llock have not been able too trade. Can you help


Jane Nicholl April 16, 2014 at 9:13 pm

Hello mr little please can you help me ihave a catalogue and no matter how much I pay with the interest on my account my balance dos, nt seem to be coming down what if any can I do to get this problem sorted .thank you please send me an e.mail with any help you can.


Alister Brain April 25, 2014 at 8:06 am

Almost a year ago i purchased a Firebelly2 solid fuel stove and pipework online from When I contacted a fitter to fit the stove (a director at the National Association of Chimney Engineers) I was informed that the data plate and supplied paperwork were INSUFFICIENT to allow a fitter to fit the fire without exposing themselves to a legal risk and me and my family to a safety risk.

Although not a HETAS approved stove, it is advertised as compliant and tested and carries a CE mark. All that i need is a valid Declaration of Performance to prove that the stove has in fact been tested and is safe.

Following a long number of email exchanges with the seller (easy fireplace) and manufacturer (firebelly) they flatly REFUSE to provide proof that the stove has been safety tested and therefore has the right to carry the CE mark.

I am now stuck between supplier, manufacturer and installer with a stove in my living room i cannot fit!

I know i can find someone to fit it and ‘ask no questions’ but as i asked of firebelly, am i expected to entrust the lives of my children to this??

Please help me.

Kind Regards


Donna Wiltshire May 1, 2014 at 12:50 pm

Can you please help me.
I purchased a car on the internet on 6th March 2012 for 8,400 pounds after checking with Companys house that this was a legitimate company.
I made a bank payment to the so called company and later that same day had a call off the company to ask me to stop the payment as I had been given the wrong account details. I explained that because it was a bank payment and I couldn’t stop the payment and was told by the advisor that that was ok.

The car did not arrive and I called the police to advise them after making various phone calls to companys house and the address for the privatecarsalesltd company only to find out that a company with a similar name was registered at the address under and accountancy firm with companys house.

To cut a long story short, since the incident two years ago. I have had no contact off the police!!!! I have called them numerous times in the last two weeks trying to find out what has happened and I keep on getting told the officer in charge will contact me and that they cant give out any details!!!!!

Please help as £8,400 is a lot of money for me to lose

The car did not arrive so I reported it to the police


Nigel November 18, 2014 at 2:40 pm

HELLO Dominic,
re: barclays bank.
I had 13 WOOLWICH accounts.
unfortunately this good B/S was taken over by the thieves.
I fled britland 3 years ago.
I progressed a land purchase there.
I needed a little more money so I sold my light airfield in Kent for a rapid transaction.
I discussed with barclays my need to transfer my

Some of My money to my Thai SCB account to complete my land purchase as the deal was for rapid completion as the vendor needed the money for ICU hospital surgery.
barclays had changed my account status to Deposit Only status.
barclays sent me a mail saying they understood the urgency.
barclays then refused to let me have any of my money.
Yes I have complained.
barclays Senior Serious complaints manager said he would sort it out but he left for a couple of weeks.
I was told to send him paper copies of my passport &ID etc.
I mailed 4 seperate packages inc tracked & recorded & express.
3 days around the world & a week to get up a few barclays floor levels!
A deputy manager sent my mails Snail mail to Leicester.
Its a very long terible story but it has taken me over 4 months to get my money from barclays despite my sending mails almost every day to them.
barclays insisted that if I
I wanted any of my money back then I would have to travel around the world to get it.
I even got a uk solicitor to produce power of Atourney for my own mother who banks in the same branch & for 65 years but she was also refusef access to my acct.
The only way that I could get my money was to mail with unsavoury foresight and barclays paniced and closed my account.
so: I will get my money soon.
barclays have cost millions and made existance hell for many people.
barclays staff tell of their bosses not understanding simple banking.
I instructed for my money to be transfered 4 months ago and
I warned them that the exchange rate would fall severely against my favour.
I am of course correct and barclays have cost me over ten thousand pounds in exchange rate depretiation alone.
I was polight enough and aware enough to alert barclays that their lazyness, incompetence, criminal practices and assaults would cost them dearly.
I warned barclays that they were paying for my travel costs and outgoings as associated.
The only competence barclays shows is lying and gross misuse of customers monies and threatening, assaults and murder.
Yes, a befrender of my predicament was murdered the following day.

barclays think that not answering mails is the solution.
I wish to take them to the high court.
Thank you,
from Nigel.


graham reed April 13, 2015 at 11:52 am

dear don i have an on going problem with scottish power since last june 2014 i believe they owe me £5000 but have no way of knowing as they have never contacted me i have exhausted all other avenues please help


carol beeney July 14, 2015 at 10:02 am

hi me and my husband are one is a pensioner and i myself find it hard to get about due to a severe back problem and we changed our power supply from n power to scottish power and still 4 years later having problems and it has also been taken to the omunubus man thought we had it sorted to find out not they are now saying our account was changed in error we have payed bills to s power and are still been hounded by n power we just dont understand how we can possibly have 2 suppliers at the same time hoping you can help us or contact us on 01677 470166 thanks


pauline kerridge September 9, 2015 at 7:48 pm

My husband and I had annual travel insurance with Insure and Go and had booked 3holidays 2 of which were fully paid for when my husband was admitted to hospital for 5days with fluid on the lungs due to pnuemonia 3days after his release he was readmitted to hospital with complications of the pnuemonia.During this stay in hospital our insurance was due to expire so when renewing the policy i explained the current stituation as I knew it.When my husband was in hospital an operation was performed and then he was discharged About 10 days later he was readmitted by ambulance and it was a day or two later that we were told that my husband had a form of lung cancer.We submitted our claims for refunds of our monies paid but Insure and Go have done nothing but delay and provocate over the most petty detail and i am now coming to my wits end and I truly believe this is what they want So any help would be gratefully recieved


Tony January 5, 2016 at 3:13 am

Dear Dominic

You will see from my email that I am an electrical contractor, but this has nothing to do with this message to you. This message concerns almost every person in this country, as I have information that will benefit every person, child and the elderly in this country if the information is brought to light.

I also have information on another very important subject, that affects many good people and children of our nation, but I would like to talk to you in person Dominic and not in front of camera’s due to it’s very high importance. The people of our country need you Dominic, and we are having problems being heard at this time.

I am just a normal citizen of our country Dominic and people are not taking notice, but the people and children of our country need someone like you to bring my information to light, for the benefit of families, children and the elderly. When you know my information Dominic, I know it will spark you into doing what you do best, fighting for the people and children of our country.

All I ask Dominic is one phone call from you and you only, if you do not wish to undertake an investigation into my information that is your choice, but I know it will make you want to do something about the information I give you.

May I congratulate you and your team on your passed actions Dominic, you are much needed and unlike some institutions you are unbiased and say it as it is, which is what is needed in this case. You can find my contact number which ends in 041 by checking my email address, and my company name, but I will only talk to you at this stage. I am sorry about that Dominic but due to the information I have to remain out of the limelight.

Happy new year to you and your team Dominic

Best wishes Tony


Cathy Tidball June 24, 2016 at 9:41 pm

Hi Dom, my friend has had to live with a leaking illegal toilet above her bedroom for the past 3 and a half years. The toilet was leaking in September and December 2013. The toilet was finally taken out in February this year 2016. She is waiting for her room to be redecorated and ruined clothes to be replaced (she was told to through them away because of health and safety issues). She has been told that this is in hand but nothing has been done to date. She lives in an over 55’s block and is much older than that. She is wondering if this issue will be rectified before she dies. If you could please look into this it would be great


Bindu March 7, 2017 at 2:36 pm

Dear Dominic,
We had employed landscape gardener for our garden project. They have done a cowboy job of a level patios, artificial grass, complete disaster of pond which is not functioning, attempted to build steps not knowing how to! and left us to pick up the pieces. We need your help, my husband and I are both 60+ we have worked very hard for this project and now they have walked out with our money. Any help from you wil be greatly appreciated.


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