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Discussion in 'David Wilson Homes' started by khakilad, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. khakilad

    khakilad New Member

    We have just moved into a new DWH in the Southern region. We initially had a few issues with the build on the outside which to David Wilson's credit they fixed before we moved into the property.

    I know there are countless reviews saying that house builders are poor etc, however are personal experience of David Wilson Homes has been completely the opposite with their on site customer service team being in constant contact, informing us all the way of the small snags that are being rectified.

    We employed a snagger to check over the house and he was extremely impressed with the build and said that the house was one of the best he had come across.

    Things I would do different when buying a new house:

    1) Do not use their solicitor
    2) ensure that a snagging appointment is written into the contract before completion
    3) A clause in the contract to stop Completion should there be any large faults founds (thankfully none found on our build)
    4)Insist on a copy of the plans to the house with the specification before exchange.

    Just wanted to share my thoughts as there are good house builders out there in certain regions!

    I have to say the only part that we weren't impressed with was the sloppy shoulders sales team (one in particular) but that is to be expected.
  2. Rayygun

    Rayygun New Member

    I moved into aDWH just before Christmas. Coalville area of Leicestershire.

    Again I cannot express how pleased we are with it. I visited this forum lurking prior to the move and was very nervous reading people's experiences.

    Snags have been fixed in a timely manner. We had plumbing issues with heating and hot water and both were fixed withnin a few days.

    Our negative I guess is the quality of the windows.
    The vents in them reduce any sound proofing and increased draughts. But all in all we're pleased with the decision.

  3. flatwebb

    flatwebb New Member

    They'll fix snags if they think you aren't a mug and will give them a headache otherwise in my experience.

    Three DWH developments in my town, patently obvious the buying experience and quality of work varies from site to site...
  4. indyjukebox

    indyjukebox New Member

    We went to two DWH sites. Both had pompous sales reps. One seemed to think that they were doing us a favour by selling us a house. The other was so disinterested, that he was too busy to fit us in for 2 weeks. We were proudly shown the show homes, which were the worst we had seen in a few months of looking around new build sites. Poor paint finishing, rough edges, gaps in the finish. The icing on the cake was the wonky boiler in the show home. Prices were 10-12% higher than other developers. Actual square footage was smaller and gardens were tiny compared to competitors. White goods were not included, whilst competitors were including them in their significantly cheaper price. Final nail in the coffin was the so called premium 600k home surrounded by social housing. You can guess which way we walked.
  5. Fenman48

    Fenman48 New Member

    I do not believe David Wilson Homes are any different in building new houses than any other company. However you can only go by limited experience. In my opinion they can all be tarred with the same brush and like British cars in the 1970's you can get good and bad from the same manufacture. You have to remember that problems you pick up on snagging and living within the property are inspection failures. These have been missed by the sub contractor, DWH and NHBC. The more important the defect the bigger the problem.
    Where in my experience DWH (Bristol) may differ is their reaction to a problem. In our own case it took them 1 year before a representative from the office visited to see the problem inside the property and 18 months before they supplied a consultant who had the qualifications to investigate. This company is run by accountants who once they have your money, do not want to know.

    In respect to the quote from flattwebb. Just what is your experience as a junior member of DWH staff.
  6. indyjukebox

    indyjukebox New Member

    I do not find it acceptable that you have had to move into a brand new home with plumbing issues and hot water issues. Those are quite basic things that need to be addressed before labeling the house complete and selling it to someone. You are lucky they fixed it quickly, the general consensus is that it takes months. I am sorry, but that actually makes DWH sound incompetent! You wouldn't drive a car off the forecourt without working headlights would you? Heating and hot water are just as critical to the home owners.
  7. Pulse

    Pulse New Member

    well I think you're lucky.

    We moved on to a site in Gloucester last sept and have nothing but issues and still most of them are outstanding. I know that many houses on the site have simular issues and to be honest, they don't seem to have a clue. some of our issues are basic but not what you want when you move into a new home.

    things like doors not painted, stairs partly painted etc etc..
  8. indyjukebox

    indyjukebox New Member

    Which was my observation as well. Cracks, mal-aligned edges, missing tiles/caps/covers, paint splashes, rough finishing and a wonky boiler! And all of this at a significant premium to other houses in the same area.
  9. NewHomeExpert

    NewHomeExpert Well-Known Member

    I am pleased it worked out for you. Not so sure you will feel the same in a few months after you have given Barratt a glowing response in thre 8 week survey. All they care about is their 5 star rating.

    All of the things you would do differently are advised on my website.
    Guide To Buying a Home - Do's And Don'ts
  10. Fenman48

    Fenman48 New Member

    DWH problems

    Hi Pulse,

    I am not sure if your Gloucester home falls into Bristol SW. However they currently have no MD and again seem to have lost key staff.
    I would suggest you all keep everything in writing and masses of pictures. I would not try to handle this over the tel.

    The problem with this company is by the time you get anything moving they change staff again.

    If you buy from DWH you must expect lengthy correspondence and hope you get somebody in place long enough who has any building knowledge.

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