In need of repair

Builders Bellway Homes North East jumped into action when I asked for an explanation about Andrew Hutchinson’s complaint.

Andrew told me how his new home needed various repairs after he moved in.

Now the Newcastle-based company has given Andrew top priority to clear his list of outstanding problems.

Bellway will re-surface the crumbling drive at his house in Houghton- le-Spring, Tyne and Wear, after initially refusing to do so.

And further work will be carried out on walls, a door and a window.

Andrew said: “I have a decaying drive, my doors do not close properly, I have an ill-fitted window, holes in my walls, and absolutely no faith whatsoever in Bellway.

“I truly wish that we had never purchased this property.

“My wife and I have been made to feel as if we are nothing but an aggravation and irritant. We have had to do battle all the way and customer service has been nothing but diabolical.

“My patience has finally worn out and my stress levels have been pushed so far that I made the decision to ask for your help.”

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Sarahcws November 12, 2014 at 12:28 pm

How do I get someone to help me with my list of issues with Bellway…. It seems as if I’ve bought a lemon…. They should pay me compensation due to the stress etc I’ve been through….


Louise February 23, 2015 at 9:42 pm

I too am meant to be top of the list. You seem to have been let off lightly.
It seems we are all priority.18 months and my house is falling apart bit by bit, chunks by chunk.
I just want my money back and everything I have put into it including our time energy and waste of life. Worst thing we have ever done.
We to are difficult and I have the email sent direct to me from their top dogs.
Sent in error may I add.


Celine Wathier January 26, 2017 at 9:38 pm

Can you help me, please?
I am a single mum and my four years old daughter and I moved into an affordable rent two bedrooms property built by Bellway and rented by Peabody. We have had nothing but troubles with this property. It has ruined our enjoyment of the property, and the time I should be spending with my daughter. It is affecting our health and my stress level. GPs wrote to our landlords, and our Local MP Kate Hoey and our local councillors are aware of the issues. However, Bellway and Peabody are acting unscrupulously!
In summary: I relinquished an eighteen years Secured Assured Tenancy Agreement with Lambeth Council for this property. All shortlisted bidders for two bedrooms flat property were given access to one show flat only. I took photos of all the rooms and amenities inside the show flat. Then, I became the top bidder, and I was sent the floor plan of the show flat and another two bedrooms flat to choose from. I requested access to the second property. My request was declined. I was assured this property would have the same amenities as the show flat. I choose the second property because of the kitchen layout and because the other apartment had the child’s bedroom sandwiched between the balcony and the front door: it was not a safe setting for a toddler.
Upon entering our new property, I reported our kitchen was not according to the floor plan and that the amenities I was promised were missing. Furthermore, the central heating and ventilation systems were not in working order, and our boiler room was reaching and still is reading 40C, heating our floor, and turning our property into a living toaster as we are directly South facing and with huge aluminium windows. In the summer our bedrooms reach 35C at night with windows open and ioniser fans on. Right now we have extension leads running onto our kitchen floor to connect to our microwave on top of a kitchen island I had to buy due to lack of work surface. This microwave is not lining against a wall. Furthermore, there is a suspected leak under our bathroom flooring in between the foundation cast iron support bars and the central heating pipes! It is a real mess!!!!

So, what’s wrong with our newly built property?
Well, the developers didn’t follow the architect’s floor plan of our kitchen. Instead of two tall ladder units, there should be a 130 cm worktop, with floor units and wall units. Consequently, there is no enough counter space for food preparation and to put down heavy roasts after pulling out of the oven. No space for protruding handle pans and to prevent heat/condensation damage on both side of our cooker top. No further 60 cm uninterrupted (continuous run) work surface besides both sides of our sink/drainer for pots and dishes to be stacked when they’re still dirty.
Furthermore, they omitted to add an L-joint at the junction of the stove and the right-hand side floor unit. Consequently, that unit and its drawer can not be open.
All the electric sockets and switches above our worktop do not abide by the NHBC regulations: they are too close to the sink, drainer and stove. No electric socket, switch or electric appliance should be closer than 30 cm to a cooker or a sink and drainer to prevent water splash.
They did not provide us with a standard fridge freezer space, though the 30-year-old fridge freezer we are using.
Even the sink is not fitted where it should!!!!
It is an absolute mess and a serious Health and Safety hazard.
Apart from this, and other few major issues, we love our home.

To add to our frustration, Peabody sent in Pegasus Cosmetic Repair company to carry repairs in our kitchen.This company sent in a handyman into our Peabody Affordable Rent Property.
He tried to have our oven moved against the corner of a plasterboard partition wall without consideration that the oven door would not be entirely openable. Without consideration that there should be 30 cm on either side of a cooker top for protruding handle pans and to prevent heat/condensation damage. And that our open-living-area door will open on our cooker!
He also tried to have our fridge-freezer fitted into our dining area, instead of our kitchen area, to avoid moving two relatively new tall larder units!
He maintained there is nothing wrong with having electric switches as close as 10 cm horizontally from the edge of our cooker top.
He also tried to move our cooker 60 cm away from its earth plug – originally fitted at the back of the oven – and having its cable passing through a worktop support panel!!!
The list is endless!
Literally speaking, this company and our landlord tried to hustle my family into agreeing on a quick fix to deal with our complaint concerning our kitchen not being fitted according to the floorplan we were provided before the signing of our contract and before entering our property. This company is also trying to mess with the health and safety of a three-year-old resident since our kitchen, dining area and living room are in an open living area.
Verdict: this company is employing shameless, cunning, and despicable people!

My daughter should be celebrating our first proper birthday in two months, she will be four, but we can’t bring in our friends for safety reasons, and we have friends – three adults – staying over this July for her Christening!

Please, help us. I am sinking into depression having to constantly move furniture and fitment for repairs which never get completed.


Jane sinclair September 25, 2017 at 8:30 pm

Well I bought my so called dream home in Dorset , gorgeous development . checked all the dos and donts and stipulations re building sheds greenhouses .

To my horror Bellway have given permission to my neighbour to build a gigantic shed outside my lounge window and the other side has built another wall so close to my garage wall which acts as our joint boundry that We will can’t maintain it if anything went wrong . No building notification and guess what nobody wants to know !!! Thanks Bellway feel some bad press will come your way


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