New Home Blogging Site Launched

New home blogs has been set up to provide the Internet community with unbiased personal accounts of the new build buying process from reservation to legal exchange, through to snagging and running your new home in. Read more.

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Marguerite February 20, 2015 at 3:04 pm

Don’t touch with a barge pole We have had ongoing problems since day one .
Our properties will not sell now due to the leaking roof. Bellway don’t care at all, and the NHBC isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.
We are now looking at suing Bellway !


Valerie Turner July 11, 2015 at 11:20 pm

Don’t buy a new house from Keepmoat Homes, I’ve been 5 yrs in battle it started from day one of moving in,everything they do is against regulations,electric,gas,D.Glazing, no insulation in some of the walls freezing in winter, every room has drafts, the inner floors are lower then the outside so rain gets in, damp with mould going up the walls, bricks & mortar had to be replaced as well. Then they illegally gave some of my land to the neighbours & the solicitors are all covering each other backs because they were negligent/incompetent, so I’m now going to take this case up with PROPERTY FRAUDULANE, WHAT A WAY TO TREAT A PENSIONER ON HER OWN. THEY THOUGHT I WOULDN’T FIND OUT BUT THANKS TO THE NEIGHBOURS KEEP DEFACING MINE & MY OTHER NEIGHBOURS HOUSE “we found out” can’t wait to expose the bloody lot of them.


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