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Home buyers remain in the dark over new build warranties

Home buyers opting for new build properties are being left exposed by warranties that fall short of their needs and expectations. New homes are often marketed by developers with the promise of lengthy warranties offering peace of mind. Many consumers aren’t aware that outside of an initial two-year period, it is primarily structural issues that […]

As demand rises, the reputation of new-build homes is crumbling

Harron Homes promises that its newly built houses will “surpass all expectations”. The £324,995 home that James Uttley bought was certainly beyond his imaginings. There was a large hole where the bathroom window should be, he says. No carpets had been laid and there was no sign of a fitted wardrobe for which he had […]

Why are Britain’s new homes built so badly?

Weak mortar, faulty drainage, unfinished fittings … for many buyers of newly built properties in Britain, their dream home quickly turns into a nightmare. Last week, it emerged that residents had to move out of a recently completed Manchester apartment block, Islington Wharf Mews, because it breaks fire safety rules. But their tale of woe is […]

Couple’s despair as new home turns into 22k fixing nightmare

David and Jacqueline Snedden’s dream home has turned into a 
nightmare with faults costing £22,000 to fix. The couple have spent two years chasing builders Charles Church for a resolution but the work is 
still not complete, despite them invoking their National House Building Council guarantee. They called me in last week in a final […]

NatWest Snagging Advice

Alice tells us the importance of having your snagging list resolved before you move in.  From Our Moving Tales – a collection of real stories from real people who’ve gone through the mortgage process. What they have learned will hopefully inspire you and guide you with your own mortgage plans and decisions. There are many more helpful […]

New Build Buyer’s Guide

This guide will help you navigate the new build buying process: from selecting a plot, choosing a design through to considering security and parking. This comprehensive guide will help you make the right choices to ensure you find the perfect home. This 2000 word guide  is the perfect antidote to the marketing material provided by […]

What is a snagging list?

A snagging list is created by new build buyers in the UK and Ireland to detail the snags and defects in their new home.  Many opt to create their own snag list using a snagging checklist or guide book which represents great value compared to the cost of using a professional snagging company. A company […]

Getting on the Property Ladder

Over the past twelve months the mortgage lending market has stripped around 90% of products off their shelves, meaning that a varied choice of mortgage deals are not available for first time buyers. This means saving a bigger deposit is imperative. In previous years, a 5% deposit was deemed acceptable, however talking about the current […]

You make me feel brand new

Buying a new-build property clearly has its advantages – no chain, no DIY, cheaper utility bills. But buying new is not without snags, as Caroline Laws finds out Getting the keys to a brand-new house that no-one but you has lived in before is a tempting idea. And there are lots of people for whom […]

Snagging Top Tips has just released a new version of its snagging checklist in response to feedback from members and input from professional snaggers. The site, which has been featured on national TV, receives thousands of visitors per day and provides snagging stories, forums, polls and much more to help new build buyers. Here is the […]

Find your own new home snags

A new version of a snagging checklist has just been released allowing new homebuyers to create a snagging list on a property for themselves. has been featured on national TV, receives thousands of visitors per day and provides snagging stories, forums, polls and much more to help new build buyers. The new snagging checklist […]

How To Buy A New Home

A pristine blank canvas on which your family can make its mark, a brand new house is an option worth serious consideration for those in the market to move… If the idea of a brand new house brings to mind rows of identical, boxy houses on estates located too far from the shops, then think […]

Who Should I Get To Snag My Home?

Snagging surveys grow in popularity but with it comes choice and pitfalls. Stories of leaky, flawed and defective homes and consequential personal suffering have resulted in an explosion in the number of new home snagging companies – it is no longer a question of whether or not to get a snagging survey but rather which […]