Persimmon Homes from Hell

It got off to a bad start when they held back the keys for 4 hours after receiving our funds at 1 o’clock. We didn’t receive keys till 5.30 having booked a van and given notice on our rented property at the time and booked holiday from work.

On moving in we had no water or heating for 3 days due to the boiler not being wired up – HOW DID IT PASS THE INSPECTION? Well, that wasn’t the end of it by far. We continued to find faulty radiators with loose brackets fitted and a large chunk missing out of the kitchen worktop, an extractor fan blowing out cavity wall insulation. The oven burning the sides of the cupboards and drawers. I had an electrician in to put new light fittings on the first floor. He turned off the electrics for that floor and thankfully checked it by flicking the landing switch to find that the electrics were wired up to the smoke detectors and it all had to be rewired again – HOW DID IT PASS THE INSPECTION?

Nails popping through ceilings, walls and skylights. Paintwork diabolical – too much paint in some cases none in others. I could see the metal corners on walls, no plaster, every door had a fault – didn’t close, large 3inch gaps underneath – I could get my whole hand under door in some cases. There was paint on inset lights in bathrooms and kitchens and paint on door handles. The property was filthy, I cleaned for 2 days. There were light fittings hanging from the ceiling in the bathroom the holes were too big for lights. The grouting for the tiles looked like my 3-year-old grandchild had done it. The pedestals were the wrong size for basins so they filled the gap with filler 3 inches thick. We had yellow sap running down doors and frames. The stainless steel hob was scratched badly. We had paid £145.00 for a mat by the front door to wipe our feet on to be placed level with the laminate floor as we have 2 dogs it should have been 1 metre square – it measured 17 inches we had to fight to get our money back as it wasn’t wide enough to wipe one foot on.

The carpets we had ordered were £1900 silver graded, they put down the bronze carpet £1500. It took 8 months to fight to prove they were not the carpets we had paid for.

The shower leaked and still does after 4 visits the feet were not touching the floor and the water was coming through the door. The front door weather strip is still broken hand is letting in water and the windows have been replaced in the patio doors four times and they are still faulty – the seal is broken and they steam up inside. We are still awaiting for the 5th attempt to get it right.

We had to have drains put in the back garden which kept flooding the kitchen. The light switches were upside down in the en-suite and in the bedroom some plugs can’t be used as we can’t get plugs in to them. We paid for a TV Arial in the loft with 2 points – only 1 works.

To top the lot we now have found out there is a moisture problem under the lounge floor, the kitchen floor and all of the downstairs. In fact our laminate flooring we paid an extortionate £1650 for is buckling. We had the floor drilled on 9/2/2007 and the construction manager said we have a problem. I don’t know what to do, I need to get some advise we are still waiting to hear we expect to be told they haven’t put the damp membrane in the raft base therefore the water is coming up through the polystyrene and through the concrete and is now affecting our laminate floor. We aren’t the only ones we think its all four houses built on the one raft base – God help us all.

On top of that our fences fell down to find that the posts were just pushed into the ground no concrete to hold them. We are by a river we are on a potential flood plane land with no damp proof membrane.

Well what next, Oh yes, I forgot all the front airbricks on all the properties on the development are under ground level most of us have had to dig them out so they are visible. What a mess customer services don’t want to know they keep fobbing us off with stupid answers its gone too far.

Time for action, time to get papers involved, TV and even court action. Someone has to take a stand against this company they use cowboys I found out that a friend of my son-in-law’s who is a asphalt roofer got a job laying bricks – he’s never laid a brick in his life before! They take anyone on. The site manager is rude and we were told by the sales women in the show home – oh you cant upset him he gets very funny. What a shame he has not done his job properly and its time the shit hit the fan.

Thank you, a very upset Persimmon Home owner wanting to get out of it.

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Ian September 24, 2010 at 8:53 pm

for a moment i thought you were writing about our house.

The quality is shocking and customer service a joke !!


Mary Holden May 21, 2011 at 7:04 pm

I have moved into a persimmon house and haven’t a good word to say for the sales team and management. They have lied to me, been very rude and have offered no apology. It seems they ignore what they don’t want to settle, as they are a big firm with power and money. I would not recommend anyone to move into a persimmon home.


Alexandra Templeman December 29, 2011 at 4:45 pm

Hi Mary, oh lord I could not agree more, I bought my house in October 2011 so not that long ago, and its appalling really appalling, customer service is (excuse my language) crap, couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery or anything, we have had no answers to any of our problems and I am still waiting on a radiator end which was picked up when I got the keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let alone all the other problems I have had with the place

A very disgusted Persimmons owner


Ella August 16, 2011 at 4:44 pm

I’m so saddened to read these articles. It’s appalling. When you think what houses cost to buy and the huge mark up they charge it’s unacceptable. I against my better judgment have just moved into a 4 year old Charles Church property in Milton Keynes. I say my better judgment as it was my husband who was desperate to move in. The design is great and that’s what swayed him. I hate the garden. Our walls are 145cm in part with most of our neighbours over 6ft gawping in. But that’s our problem and when the covenant is off next year I’ll be having those walls raised to 180 all the way round with extra trellis on top. However, the house is very aesthetically appealing but OMG the build is a joke! 4 years old and gable end roof tiles are shearing clean off. Am waiting out on NHBC to make a decision but I suspect we’ll have to pay up for this shit quality construction. I know it’s shit because I have lived in over 25 houses in my life time and nothing is as rubbish as this! Hasten to add this is the first ‘new’ house I’ve lived in. We live on a slope which is somewhat worrying as enormous diagonal cracks are appearing. A friend who’s a surveyor is coming to have a look. I think the previous occupants were very light footed people with no kids. This is a 4 bed family home with a family now in it and it’s crumbling away! Showers leaking – not due to lack of sillicone but because the trays haven’t been put in right in the first place and the water’s leaking down the back and on to the ceiling below. Oh and don’t forget the nails coming through the ceiling – we’re too late for snagging but this is one investment which was well overpriced. I wished I’d notice when we viewed twice but by that stage I was just brow beaten by the whole process. My advice to anyone is don’t touch these Persimmon/Westbury/Charles Church houses with a barge pole. I wish we hadn’t as I’ll be stuck in it for at least 5 years now. It’s tack!!!!!!!


Alison November 23, 2015 at 7:48 pm

Bought my first house April 2014 and nothing but trouble, leaks, faulty electrics, non flushing toilets, nails sticking out of the stairs, wardrobes fitted badly and doors don’t close properly, wrong colour tiles in bathroom. Just problem after problem and the emergency number provided isn’t answered. There feels like there is no help.. This was originally a country and metropolitan home taken over by Ben Bailey but they got such a bad reputation that it is now owned by Avant homes. These new builds should all be avoided


Anon August 26, 2011 at 1:44 am

Like others I thought you were describing my house in Wiltshire.

They don’t care. The quality of workmanship and materials is done on the cheap and the customer service is the worst I’ve ever encountered.

The sooner someone makes it public how bad they are the better!
Thanks for ruining our lives Persimmon.


Sue October 7, 2011 at 11:45 pm

How are you people ever goning to sell your homes on again, people will never buy them if you keep moaning about them. There must be some people out there who are happy with there new persimmon home you just never hear from them.


Emma February 4, 2016 at 11:50 pm



Jon September 21, 2016 at 12:59 pm

I am very happy with my home, few snags but the friendly persimmons guys come out and sort straight away. New build homes will always have issues as they go up so quickly. Some people would rather moan on sites like this, to people who cant actually do anything about it… CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT!!!!


ADELE kerrod August 25, 2017 at 1:37 pm

Jon, 3 years down the road and i am still waiting for persimmon to sort out there shabby work, 62 emails, 29 phone calls, and visit from head of customer services still has not sorted things out, i got a solicitor involved and now they are finally looking at things. Don’t think for one minute these people are not doing anything they probably are but if you are unlucky enough to get a shabby build god help you with persimmon. 250 homes on our estate where built and 3 quarters of them are unhappy and would never buy or recommend persimmon again, these are not just little snaggs most of them are big issues. the head of customer services told me in person what do you expect from a budget house. i advised i was not aware they where budget house as you sell them as quality homes( 4 bed detached house). This should be advertised on all your websites and brochures if they only build budget houses.

David Morgans April 7, 2018 at 10:03 am

I have just come across this now, but I am yet to speak to anyone who has a good word to say about Persimmon. I bought a family 4 bed detached house and am not able to use my garden as it is a lake, the painting was never completed so I did the whole house again within 6 months, skirting boards appear to be made of cardboard, I can’t get out of my car in the drive and the sound proofing is awful. But I suppose that is what you should expect for nearly £300k!


Ella October 31, 2011 at 12:44 am

Dear Sue – it’s a good question you pose. It’s easy to answer we just spend loads of our hard earned cash putting everything right. The roof tiles are done (NHBC didn’t want to know although did acknowledge the wrong fittings had been used) and we’ve got £2.5k to find for the three bathrooms. Cracks will be filled and all maintenance done to a high standard by real craftspeople. Someone taking it on will be very fortunate indeed. Didn’t expect that we’d have to be doing this to such a new house – if these things had been done right in the first place we wouldn’t be moaning. I imagine there are happy people out there – lucky them! Wondering if maybe you work for Persimmon?


Louise Ellis December 15, 2011 at 5:23 pm

Just come across this site. I bought my persimmon home in 2007, my ensuite shower has leaked on/off since purchased despite having several plumbers in to look at the problem, I fear that I will have to have a complete new installation. I have had boiler issues that I was told would have been down to poor installation. Settlements cracks that were a lot worse than anticipated, electrical faults… The list is endless! A new build is by no means the easier option in this case, cowboy builders spring to mind!!!


Alexandra Templeman December 29, 2011 at 5:23 pm

We have spoken to quite a few people around the estate that we have moved onto, which is a new one with building still going on, and they have all had and are still experiencing, problems. The couple with a four bedroom detached home has water coming in through both sets of french doors, as the doors have split, she now has damp and it is also going under her lounge carpet, Persimmons have been back once, and tried to glue the doors, to have them split even worse the very next day!!!!!!!!!!! So it is not a case of just moaning, as Sue so eloquently put it. We have every right to moan when we have spent £200,000 on a new property, and the property, it seems to us, is falling apart at the seams. It is heartbreaking.


Rachel February 27, 2012 at 8:53 pm

Does Sue work for persimmon?! Because that is the only reason I can think anyone would speak up in their defence! As Alexandra said when you have paid the best part of 200k for a house any issues encountered are annoying/irratating/heartbreaking, but with our house at least, it’s the amount of problems that seem to be occuring! And it appears up and down the country that persimmon have disgruntled customers, surely something needs to change in the way they handle the ‘aftercare’ portion of the contract we sign, because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the way they deal with people during the buying process! They can not do enough when you are purchasing, they trip over themselves to book appointments for this that and the other! In our case me and my boyfriend were buying our first home together, and moving out of parents houses. So quite daunting, as u can imagine. But like I say they couldn’t do enough, set us up with mortgage advisors, talked us through what types of insurances we would need and even have advice on bank accounts and direct debits!! But the issues started as soon as we had our induction. The site manager who walked us round quite happily told us it was his last day and he could not wait to leave the company (we should’ve taken the hint then!) he hadn’t a clue about water/heating systems or anything really so he let us jus poke around and ‘tell the sales office I’ve done it properly, want my last days wage’. Obviously we didn’t, but were informed there wasn’t enough time to organise another between then and moving in so we would have to ‘pick it up as we went along!’ handy that for first time buyers, which apparently persimmon pride themselves on helping get on the property ladder. So time went by we moved in and started to notice the build quality was well below par, really shoddy decorating, bare patches on most walls, gaps between skirting boards, nails sticking out. We duly recorded everything on our snagging list (which wasn’t actually included in our welcome pack, and as a result after contacting customer services we learnt had been recorded as completed and closed on their system!) snagging list sent off in may 2011 included above issues and other bits like our shed roof needed re-doing, outside water butt was not on a slab or anything so obviously tilted and leaking etc but our main concern was unearthed on day one. Our water system when the hot taps anywhere in the house were turned on, made a horrendous loud vibrating sound for 30secs-1min everytime! And as it was next to the joining wall next door complaints (friendly ones luckily) from them followed. Followed the proper channels, and I’ll end my rant with this, it’s just FINALLY been fixed after………..8months, two new cylinders, 3 of the big water storage things and 29 visits! That is persimmons customer service to a T, once u’ve paid and ur in its on to the next.


Sue February 29, 2012 at 8:20 pm

No I don’t work for Persimmons, but I have now moved into my new Persimmons home ( 31st december 2011 ) we have had a few minor problem but nothing that can’t be sorted out. And we are very very pleased with the house.


Rachel March 1, 2012 at 11:56 am

Well that’s jolly good for you then, this clearly isn’t a forum you need …………..yet! ;0)

valerie Turner May 11, 2012 at 6:17 pm

Pleased to hear some ones happy with the Builders, you must be the only one Sue. From my experience the only ones that are happy are those that have signed confidentiality forms and walk around with their heads hung in shame, I’m a pensioner it’s absolutely disgraceful the way they treat customers, I have been here 2 years now and still have the same on-going problems

Valerie Turner

Anne November 11, 2015 at 8:00 pm

Lucky you your a minority

Alexandra Templeman February 28, 2012 at 4:32 pm

We are still waiting for minor things to be done, ie still waiting for the radiator to be fixed, haver major cracks across our ceiling in the lounge, and around the sides of walls in kitchen, these are the worst rooms. Popping nails, looks like the stairs are trying to come away from the walls, to name just a few of the problems in our so called new house.


Lee Candy March 21, 2012 at 7:52 pm

Persimmon are an absolute joke! I wish i had never bought from these clowns. We bought a house from them in November 2011 and had endless snags that we have chased up over and over again. Some are still not fixed five months on. Our biggest problem is the front door. We have had to endure the whole of winter with a front door that is seeping in a draught around the complete door. It took three months for someone to come out and look and the guy said it was the worst fitting of a door he had ever seen, so much so that we have mould growing in the seals and the door fittings.

The cowboys came out and tried bodging it. No surprises that they didn’t fix it. Now we have a draughty front door with no mastic sealing on the inside and out, as they went one day and haven’t come back. We have phoned and phoned and phoned and they don’t answer. I am at the end of my tether with it all.

I don’t know what to do next apart from sticking a sign up in my window saying “Don’t buy from these clowns!”


Chris Jones April 17, 2012 at 12:05 am

Thank god!!! I thought I was alone!!

Back in October I find out my wife Debs is Pregnant and as we have been saving for a house and the house we live in is terrible and cheap (but it allowed us to save) we went to look for a new house.

We found a persimmon development around the corner from where we currently live that offer 20% off with option to pay that loan off or when you sell the house they get there 20% back AFTER 10 years.

We have 14k saved up to put as a deposit so it would give us a sensible mortgage every month which would be fixed for 5 years at £497 a month

As I say a sensible mortgage that’s doable.

We entered the show room explained two things from the get go to the sales lady. My wife was pregnant and we wish to move into the property at the start of the next year at the latest to avoid the 1st time buyer stamp duty that would come back into effect at the end of March.

We were then told by this sales rep that these houses would be built for Feb/March the foundations were ready and all was ok for then.

We put down the deposit and on the reservation form it actually states feb/March written by the sales advisor.(not paying attention to the estimated completion date underneath the date space in small letters)

We exchange contracts and as we do I notice a completion date by June 2012 clause which I ask about.

I’m told by the solicitor that it’s a ‘safety net by the builders to protect themselves just in case of bad weather, acts of god etc’ BUT she has spoken to our sales advisor and had regular contact with them on a weekly basis and has been reassured that the houses will be made by Feb/March no later.

Stupidly, as we have never done this before, we sign it after checking with the solicitor and site rep who confirm the completion by Feb/March so we avoid stamp duty.

We notice the houses aren’t being built over November/December so we go to the site and get told by the site rep not to worry as they are swapping brick suppliers but the house will be in up in plenty of time for us to avoid stamp duty.

In jan we get a letter saying congratulations that we have exchanged contracts and that the house should be ready and made by the 6th of June 2012 and that two weeks after we can move in.

Understandably worried I get in contact with the site rep who says I’m not the only person who has called regarding this and she hasn’t heard anything back from her boss yet. I ask for her bosses number and call them directly.

Her boss states a letter was sent to me in November stating the houses should be read spring/summer time. We hadn’t received this letter and I ask for it to be resent, which she does. Then she states that it was in our contract. I explain we were told it was a safety net and the houses will be built by feb/march before the stamp duty effect takes hold.

We then get asked if we want to be released from our now signed legally binding contract as a sign of good faith. I explain that would not be good due to all the time we spent and the couple of thousand pounds we would still have to pay out in solicitor fees, holding fees and surveyor fees. Something she explained they would not refund us.

If we left then it would have cost us just shy of 3k for nothing. Hence why I stick around and try and get stuff done through solicitors before Stamp duty comes back.

I stated that I would like to contact my solicitor regarding what was going in and I wasn’t happy about this so could they pay for the stamp duty should we decide to stay with the house. She tells me she can’t authorise that and it has to go through our solicitors.

My solicitor starts making enquiries and getting no response back. This goes on for weeks. I get in contact with the sales rep and ask what’s going on. She says she doesn’t know and that she is leaving the company for another job. She also explains that our type of houses are selling for almost £7,000 more now in the area and it’s in the company’s best interest for me and Debs to leave so they can make a bigger mark up on the house.

I contact her boss again asking what’s going on and explain to her what I have been told. She tells me the same thing as before. She can’t authorise anything and it has to go through our solicitors. She then puts the phone down on me.

I contact out solicitors again. They still haven’t heard anything back from The builders and are continually trying to make contact.

By this time stamp duty has come back into effect.

Now my future Bulgarian next door neighbour starts calling me after the sale rep has given him my personal details!! I also suspect that what I do for a living has been explained to people who have wanted to move into the area as a selling point but I can not prove this. I have an inkling due to the fact that the sales rep told us what everyone did for a living and tried to sell the house to us on that basis as well. Also she has given my number to my future neighbour without my permission.

The future neighbour is worried about the fact that he was suppose to move in back in the beginning of April at the latest. He has also been told that by our old rep that the house was delayed due to them messing up the plans but the builders won’t admit it because they don’t want to be liable.

The sales rep leaves and a new guy called Jeff turns up to take over.

He has no idea what’s going on and keeps remarking how badly things have been handed over to him and that the site is a mess.

My solicitor is then taken to hospital. I get assigned a new one, he starts pestering the builders solicitors. Finally he gets a reply late last week explaining to him they were going to do nothing.

Debs and I discover that our good mortgage deal runs out in the very beginning of June. So if we haven’t moved in by then we will lose out good rate and have to try get another mortgage.

I call up one of the managing directors who says that ‘morally it’s a grey area and clearly not good BUT legally they are ok’ however he is sympathetic and will send me a letter of the out come to any decision.

Debs goes to the building site and She is told that Jeff is now leaving the company for a better job. She is also told the house will be looking as if it’s done by June, with us moving in towards the end of June.

After the baby is born….

Friday I get a letter explaining that they can not do anything like carpets or pay for stamp duty. Those costs have to be on us as the company has done everything it’s supposed to legally. Plus we are getting a shower so they have helped us out……

A shower. Something that generally speaking should be fitted as standard to every newly built home in this day and age.

I contact my solicitor and explained everything. He is now looking into it.

So I have done everything I can do bar cut my loses and lose the money already invested and I’ve spoken to my solicitor who is trying, but it looks bad. Hence the rant.

I also spoke to my mortgage advisor today to help get our mortgage deal extended and discovered that our sales rep (as I said before, now gone) by all intents and purposes knew from the very start that the house would be finished in June……despite explaining EVERYTHING ABOUT MY WIFE’S PREGNANCY, TRYING TO AVOID STAMP DUTY, THE LOT : (

A newly starting family lied to


Jim Kelly July 16, 2015 at 3:09 pm

THREE YEARS ON AND THEY’RE STILL AT IT! (May be even worse now with an escalating leasehold)

My Daughter and Son in Law suffered unbearable experiences in the rental market which resulted in their choice to take advantage of the Governments “Help to Buy Scheme.” Before they signed the plot reservation (6th April 2015) the sales advisor had advised them that the house build was to Persimmons “higher spec” this meant that the house would have an outside light, stainless steel oven and hob, stainless steel chimney extractor, half tiled bathroom with a shower above the bath and half tiled ensuite. They had also mentioned that all the missing fencing showing on the plans would be included and that all Persimmon homes came with standard floor coverings (carpets and vinyl). As nothing had been built on the site they were advised to check the show house at another site 30 miles away which appeared to be as described.

They didn’t receive their contract until the 5th June 2015 and were extremely disappointed to find that their home was only being built and finished to a very basic specification / finish and it would cost them approximately another £6000 .00 to achieve the standard of finish they had purchased. Following several complaints and referencing the trades descriptions act they received a call explaining Persimmons had agreed to the standard floor coverings, outside light and full fencing however there would be no other negotiating on finishes. At this point they reluctantly accepted their concessions but were bitterly disappointed by the “final finish” offered to them (standard not high spec).

They also noticed too many restrictive covenants in their contract; surely these should have been explained at the point of sale NOT EIGHT WEEKS AFTER their deposits and fees had been paid. Their most alarming concern was that Persimmon Homes are selling houses on a long lease of 999 years with an escalating ground rent which will be reviewed every ten years in line with the RPI.

As a result of this scandalous behaviour I believe that the Nationwide Building Society have made a decision that because “the properties would not offer suitable security they will no longer lend on escalating leasehold properties.”(Copy & Paste)–HOMES–WITH-999-YEAR-LEASES-DECLINED-MORTGAGES–BY-N.html. Consequently they now feel that the mortgages offered to them are at a much shorter fixed term and at a much higher interest rate. In the long term they will have to pay many thousands of pounds more!

They are now firmly stuck between a “Rock and a Hard Place” as they have to leave their rented accommodation by the end of August and can’t afford to lose their deposit, mortgage valuation and legal fees which they have already paid and feel they have to continue with their purchase under extreme duress.

They fully understood that most new builders have had bad press in the past with numerous visits by “Watchdog” along with all the negative responses from “Internet Forums” they always felt that with good scrutiny they would be capable of acquiring a good home. Unfortunately some very serious doubts are appearing which shows the “Help to Buy Scheme” is more of a subsidy to the “morally corrupt house builders” than genuine help for the “First Time Buyer.”

I find it totally despicable that many “First Time Buyers” are being taken in by unscrupulous house builders when there is no justification at all for them to build and sell “Stand Alone Houses” that are leasehold. This now appears to be a “Government Sponsored Mugging” of the young by granting these “Morally Corrupt House Builders” access to misuse the “Help to Buy Scheme” purely to increase their profits. It’s surely time for a responsible Government to act and stamp out this disgraceful practice immediately.

They sincerely believe that if the purchaser wishes to cancel the sale they should have recourse to claim back all monies paid and compensation for any case of blatant mis-selling by the builders.


Alan Cakebread April 22, 2012 at 1:19 pm

I live In a mid terrace perssimons house and me and all my neighbours say perssimons houses are horrible build quality and the work looks like something my 2 year old would have done, loose plug/light sockets and basically all fixtures and fittings where probably only screwed on with probably half a turn of a screw driver, pluming was really bad had to redo pipes in kitchen and downstairs toilet, they where all cross threaded and leaking, the usual nail pops poor plastering, the worst thing was when the locks failed on the doors and we where stuck in the house tell someone came to get us out, very poor quality homes and even there outside contractors who came to do repairs comment on how badley a cheaply made they are.


valerie Turner May 11, 2012 at 6:04 pm

Sorry to hear of all your problems but if it’s any consolation I too purchased a brand new home with all the same problems you have, iv’e been in my house 2 years and have still got all the same problems even though there c/care team have put their DIY skills!! to practice on several occasions, as you say a 2 year old could do better all KEEPMOAT builders are good at is fobbing you off, and running around with tubes of mastic,cork,and so on, I have a Solicitor on my case now and looks like I’m going to court for the first time in my life I’m a pensioner but I will go on exposing these builders for as long as it takes,THEY SHOULD BE NAMED AND SHAMED, I have photos if you would like to see them,down loaded some on flickr & twitter other sites too.


Rachel May 12, 2012 at 10:59 pm

Valerie so sorry to hear the extent of persimmons complete lack of respect for u, really hope all goes your way, please keep us updated. Sadly for us as newbies of owning property it has not been how we wanted to start our lives together, and that is all down to persimmon homes, we have felt abandoned and unduly stressed. We were the first people to move onto our development and having watched (and put up with ‘inconsiderate’, the only polite word I can think of, builders using our drive, blocking our front door, splashing concrete on our walls and windows) the only thing I have thought while watching the place take shape and family’s move in, is I wonder how many issues they’ll being having in the next few years with their house. You see as some of the first we watched our house be built, like many buyers we popped up on wknds and showed family, it took 6 months from start to move in for our three house terrace, in the last 3 months I have seen the last 7 houses go up and people b moved in! And I have, as I expected, watched these poor people stomp past my house to return moments later with a sheepish looking sales rep from th office or if they’ve been really lucky managed to track down the site manager! Definately wouldn’t buy a new build again, we have made the best of a bad experience, sadly i know others haven’t been able to.


valerie Turner May 16, 2012 at 10:42 pm

Hi all, I’m sitting reading every ones problems with their new homes and feel so sorry for you all, after all it should have been an exciting and happy experience,as a pensioner I saved and worked hard all my life like most people do, I decided to down size and bought my new house thinking I would be lovely and warm in winter,”NO SUCH LUCK” we had one of the worst winters in history, I was freezing due to drafts,rain coming in,mould up the walls, this was down to the house drying out,not enough drainage,leaks for 9 months SO CALLED BUILDERS kept telling me it was condensation My reply was I have been around a long time now I do know condensation from leaks and that I have never had so many problems with doors 2 new front doors and 2 new patio doors AND STILL NO GOOD,3 kitchen taps 3 indoor stopcocks,pipes to boiler changed twice a kitchen unit replaced as the first one got ruined with the “LEAKS NOT CONDENSATION!!! my god I could go on for ever It’s 2 years now & 84 visits from customer care doing DIY JOBS on a new house. I’m extremely angry with what’s going on and that’s why I will carry on fighting for my rights the Government should help us, but I doubt they will, because they want more affordable houses built, The way I see it is THEY CAN HARDLY SAY THEIR AFFORDABLE!!!! we should get together and stand up to these “dare I say it B…….finished ranting for the time being keep in touch. valerie turner


Laura May 17, 2012 at 11:39 pm

Does everybody think that Persimmon houses are very cold when the heating is off? I expected the new house to be much warmer than my old house but obviously it is not a case. I expected that a new house’s walls will be filled with a cavity wall insulation but obviously they are not. The temperature inside the house and outside is nearly the same when the heating is off.


Dee January 23, 2015 at 9:25 am

ABSOLUTELY!!! Within less than 10 mins of the heating going off the house is FREEEZINGGGGG!

How can the house be well insulated if this is happening?


Julie June 27, 2012 at 11:26 am

Having just got off the phone to Charles Church (after waiting 3 days for them to ring me back), thought I would add my moans and groans. I WISH WE HAD NEVER BOUGHT THIS HOUSE. £400k and it is a nightmare. Yes, if you walked in the front door, you would wonder why I am complaining, but it is the things that have had to be rectified, and the things that still have not, but can’t necessarily be seen.

Our first mistake, not being allowed to see inside the house before exchange. We gave Charles Church an extra month after completion to rectify snags (!) and they did not even step over the front door step in that month. We moved in end of November 2011 – no heating. How can it have been signed off if it didn’t work. Site manager said that he knew about the problem, but didn’t know when it would be corrected. It took 3 weeks. No insulation between certain rooms (ceiling and floor above) so consequently the rooms were freezing. Charles Church denied that this could be the case, and it was at our expense that we were proved right. The first time I used the washing machine, which should have been a washer/dryer, it flooded the kitchen with stinking dirty water as it had been plumbed in to the sink!! No apology and got told that it was too late to have a washer/dryer (which I had ordered but the sales lady had put down wrongly) because I had used the machine. After 8 months we still do not have a toilet working in the en-suite. Mended 3 times and broke with the first flush after the engineer left.

I have had, so far, to take 18 separate days off work, to have guys in to repair snags, and over half of them, are now worse than before. My new carpets are grubby due to having so many people in and out of the house constantly.

Customer Service is a joke. They never return calls and if you do manage to get through whoever you had previously spoken too has left the company (and we wonder why!!) and the new person has to start all over again. Alan Knight the Customer Service Manager, for the area we are in is brilliant at fobbing people off, and making out that everything is being done. The 28 days to sort things went 7 months ago and still no joy.

It is now ‘flaming’ June and the weather has loosened fence panels and caused more damage, and in our lovely back garden we have 4 different types of fence panels – why 4?!!!!!!

This is a very small development of 12 houses and 3 are still unsold, and I will be doing all in my power to put prospective buyers off, because why should they waste their money and have the upset and upheaval I have had.

If you bought a new car – would you have taken it from the showroom with defects – no steering wheel, dent in the wing, etc. I think not, so why should we spend thousands on a new home that we have saved long and hard for, to live miserably thanks to Charles Church.


Dee June 19, 2013 at 10:27 am

Yes I bought in the Tanners Gate Development in Locks Heath…nightmare! Different fence panels, floods in kitchen over xmas due to bad plumbing, floods from upstairs bathroom down to ground floor over Xmas (leaked thru ceilings leaving a mess).. the walls in the house are BENT and can see where the join is and the nails are all popping thru the house after 6 months looking like CRAP.
Also didn’t tell me garage had no access to my garden and I had to walk around onto the street and thru a residence car park by the flats next door to get to my garage PLUS they couldn’t find my garage plan to show me before I moved in and before xchange on contracts and didn’t say there was no side access door.
The list goes on…

My cooker – had to call an engineer from Electrolux to find fault find why on the first time turning on cooker after 6 months it didn’t work… He said it was NOT wired correctly.

My kitchen – fittings are not flush! I hate it!! Ikea kitchen would be superior! My appliances which I asked them to leave space for didn’t fit…I had to get a carpenter in over xmas at my cost and time to adjust the kitchen cabinet so I could fit my ‘STANDARD’ washing machine in.



Mark January 3, 2014 at 2:22 pm

Bought a new 2 bed PERSHITTON home in 2006 and it is just full of sub standard equipment (plumbing, radiators, etc…), poor carpentry, and generally not what you’d expect for a new home. I feel able to say this as I’ve had 6 new (non-Persimmon) homes prior to this. All have been repaired / replaced over the years at our own cost as like many before me their customer service team is non existent or just exhausted.

On a more serious note, the roof tiles and much heavier ridge tiles have fallen off 4 times in the last 4 years. On the last occasion (Oct-13), this resulted in £3k of damage to my car. As it turns out my car insurance had to pay for this (and therefore I paid the excess) as the property wasn’t negligent! I’m writing this as I’ve just had the roof inspected by professional roof builders who have informed me that no only have Persimmon used the wrong mortar but also (and more importantly illegally) used the wrong size and length ridge tiles for a property of this height. A tall building should use smaller and shorter tiles so as not to be lifted up by the wind.
To date the Persimmon Construction Director and Local MD have been as helpful as the mortar keeping the remaining ridge tiles in place and the NHBC about as useful too.
I’ll post an update later!


sarah January 29, 2015 at 1:24 am

Hi Mark,
Can you provide more information on your action, if any, against Persimmon and/or NHBC concerning poor quality roof materials and workmanship please?
Going through something very similar at the moment….


Janice January 16, 2014 at 6:41 pm

Persimmon Homes are a company who specialises in the art of deliberate lies, needless corner cutting, and reckless negligence via the use of marketing which states promises that the company has no intention of keeping, misselling tactics via their sales employees, and a disgusting aftersales attitude to their customers. What makes this worse for us as customers is that they have also perfected a system of dodging their legal and non-legal obligations through many years of practice. We have all experienced it either through lack of communication, misselling, delay tactics, poor workmanship, or even unfortunately in my case threatening behaviour. We all should have received a Consumer Code for Home Builders. This quite clearly states the responsibilities of the builder and most importantly that we are to be treated fairly. I am a fair but persistent bugger if I am wronged. I would encourage everyone to be the same. Pursue every option open to you and be vigilant.


B March 7, 2014 at 10:20 am

I work for persimmons. I’m a carpenter and a sub-contractor on one of the sites. I used to do high end work around chelsea and mayfair and all the companies I’ve worked for before have been about quality over quantity. that’s what I’m used to and how I work. unfortunatly I moved to new builds. I got penalised for working too slow because I was neat and told not to bother and to just bodge the work…. it discusting what I service and I hate being associated. I have yet to meet a good craftsmen on site and glad that I’m leaving it all behind.

all the problematic you have, however small, has to be fixed. my advise would be tp get a proffessional in to snag them thouroughly.


matthew April 5, 2014 at 3:01 pm

was about to go and have a look with intention to buy a persimmon home very close to where i live in Chester-le-street. not going near now thanks guys, COULD HAVE SAVED ME A LOT OF HARD EARNED DOSH.


harry April 11, 2014 at 7:45 pm

all complaints above we confirm but weve had no phone line or bin collection for 3 months in bowerhill melksham wilts the so called customer care is non existant as is writing to the company it has cost us a fortune in mobile phone use alone never mind the dongle internet cost awe have been treated appallingly by everybody at persimmom homes do not buy a persimmon new build from them if anybody can help us please get in touch


linda ghobrial August 20, 2014 at 7:11 pm

Well, I have read all the above comments with interest. I have just started on the long road of battle…I moved in on 30th June 2014 and have had a catalogue of snagging. Doors not fitting correctly, space too small for my washing machine, 3 concrete blocks so far found just beneath the surface of our non existent top soil! Now we have a leak frkm our en suite coming into the cloakroom and spreading to the stairs. This has apparently been fixed but strangely enough there is still water coming through the ceiling!. We paid for a garden gate which has a massive gap in it, the garage is too small to get the car in, our outside light which we paid for doesnt work. I could go on and on and when I complained no one has acknowledged. It is such a shame because this company doesnt see the stress they put you under. Be forewarned any potential Persimmon buyers.


Sabrina August 26, 2014 at 6:43 pm

We have recently bought a house from Charles Church and have spent the last 9 months trying to get works done on our snag list which is growing by the second with major problems like bowed walls which will need to be taken down and rebuilt, land missing (yes, check your garden measurements!!) and the latest catastrophe, a flooded kitchen which will result in a new kitchen! The customer service is as crap as the workmanship with rude supervisors and idiot site managers who have no idea what they are doing!!! We actually have tradesmen sent around to do jobs they’re not even qualified to do! It is getting to the stage where me and my partner are now considering legal action. The stress and heart break of it all is just incredible. How can they get away with ripping people off and destroying their lives?

So, my question is; Has anyone yet taken Charles Church/Persimmon to court and had any results?

If all else fails, we will make an advert of our house to put potential buyers off!


Nick September 29, 2014 at 1:39 pm

Linda / Sabrina, could you tell us which developments you’re in? (Not that it seems to make a difference). We were about to reserve at Sherborne Fields, Basingstoke (Presumably named after the fields they’ve bulldozed to create the place) but well, a brief Google search of Persimmon / Charles Church suggests we should hold off for the forseeable… forever?


Sabrina March 31, 2015 at 11:29 pm

Sorry for the late reply but we are on the Sawtry site in Cambridgeshire. Steer well clear of Persimmon. It’s not worth the stress.


Jessie October 20, 2016 at 9:22 am

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Ben January 11, 2016 at 12:00 pm

Hi Nick, Did you buy at sherborne fields basingstoke, I am in the middle of selling my house and was looking at moving to this development but knowing Persimmon’s as having brought a house with them before i’m on the hesitant side.


James October 10, 2014 at 7:47 am

Hi all, just bought a persimmon home and I am very concerned by all your comments. Can you all please tell me as to which particular sites you are having these issue? From what I have learnt, issues regarding the build quality are often due to the builders used, and so sometimes these issues can be localized to a particular development/s.


Trinny January 7, 2015 at 10:55 am

I have worked for this company and I would say they are one of the worst-and that says a lot as many large housebuilders I’ve worked for are not great. They build to make a profit for the shareholders, NOT to make a lovely home to live in. Everything is done quickly and shoddy workmanship is the norm. Many large house builders sack at will, give jobs to people who are not skilled, use contractors whose workmanship is almost non existent and as long as the home gets the NHBC they’re not concerned about being taken to court as they can afford it!
Some snagging is normal on a new home and should be attended to quickly by aftercare but often it isn’t. Or it’s half done.
The best thing to do if one is considering a new build is to buy when it’s finished or almost finished then get in a professional snagger before purchase…if the sales team let them in that is!!
It has to be said I have seen some beautiful new homes built with many happy purchasers. If the weather’s been kind, the build team are skilled, the site manager is diligent and all is on time, then you ‘may’ get a fab property.
If only people would do their homework before buying and read forums like this then they’d think twice before purchasing new.


Dave January 9, 2015 at 6:31 pm

Bought new 4 bed detached in newton le willows. Absolute disgrace. Day we moved in doors wouldn’t lock, had to get 24 hour assistance out. Every room has been replastered, and re painted. heating systems been fixed 5 times but still counting, shower leaked onto ceiling. Utility not built to spec. Space left for washing machine 500 ml(need 600) kitchen plinths and work tops all replaced. Best bit is the brick work and pointing is that poor that that by their own admission they have to re adjust bricks and repoint the whole house. They recently informed me that my house has NO cavity wall insulation at all. This made me get an I dependant survey done. That’s when the real fun began. Damp proof course breaches building regs, no gas safe pipes. No cavity trays and so on. About to get solicitor involved. Also local council are as equally at fault as they have signed house off!!! DO NOT BUY PERSIMMON,!!!! Oh and they just dropped the price by 20k 7 months after I moved in. Still not worth it though.


Michael January 13, 2015 at 9:15 pm

Just bought a house in Witham St Hughs, 3 months after moving in snagging still not completed, leak from roof on bathroom ceiling, internal doors flawed, drains blocked, shower leaking and wall now water ingress damaged, painting throughout house is a discrace with many areas completely missed, many internal doors don’t even close (could go on and on) when I try and contact customer care they just don’t reply, when I speak to their site staff they just make out that there are problems everywhere. How does a company like this operate, I certainly will NEVER buy or recommend them. Currently seeking legal advice totaly shocking, biggest mistake of my life buying a house of them.


Bon February 23, 2015 at 1:37 pm

Hi Michael no how you feel we are thinking of taking legal advise but I have heard that prersimmons have the best Solisitors don’t no if this is the case but we need to do something and soon


Bon February 23, 2015 at 1:29 pm

Hi everyone we bought the hell hole in June 2014 had nowt but bother pipes not fitted to back of toilets so the house stunk. Kitchen had to be put right. We have had a leek in dorma window roof for 7 month only thing they have come up with is its not condensation. Brick work a mess stone lintel above windows don’t match. Paint work a joke walls a mess not plastered smoothly And loads of other stuff to top it off the kite winder at top of stairs started to split in half some joiners came said it was manufactures fault it had not been glued apparently customer service guy came out with the stair guy heard one of them say we will just clue and nail it back together that was last Tuesday our staircase in being held up with 7 nails we still haven’t heard back from them I just hope the lot come crashing down co we will sew the arse of them stairs creek plus some of them bevel in over so when you walk down the stairs your feet are not strait on some steps heel is lower than toes. Anyone reading this if you haven’t yet bought a persimmons hell hole then take everyone’s word and stay well away from then cos if I see anyone looking at the houses behind us believe me they won’t buy after I’m finished telling then about the hell holes we bought our site is in County Durham


BC March 11, 2015 at 5:39 pm

I am a carpentry sub-contractor and do work on persimmons sites. This company made £460million profit last year, there are several reasons behind this. Cheap land, sub standard materials, and the mentality of quantity over quality.

We are given 18 weeks to come out of the ground and finished. No contingency for bad weather, piss poor plans, mis-management , late or non existent materials.

I earn a modest wage but the rates are still woeful, we are not treated as skilled tradesmen there is no respect as we are regularly told by someone with a degree (whom has no idea how to actually build a house properly, ever lifted a hammer in their lives) how to do our jobs.

I refuse to carry out any second fix work for them because I cannot produce high quality work in the time/money Im given. I only construct the roofs and build the stud work because I can produce a quality job and earn enough money to pay my mortgage which as you can imagine is not on a persimmon home.

i wouldn’t buy one if I was given the money


Martin March 15, 2015 at 6:15 pm

Anybody have any reports from the Lyde Green development? Due to move in next month…


Chris March 21, 2015 at 4:26 pm

i was a carpenter working on a persimmons site in Cornwall. The company left timber frame panels out to the elements of winter conditions. Snow rain etc. they erected the timber frames roof on covered in and 1st fixed. All this was done in under a week, including plaster boarding tape and jointing. Then we was to 2nd fix the plots. I warned everyone on site including Ryan lee area manager the plot will shrink and cracks will appear. 33 plot latter they realised this was the case. Unfortunately at my ddiscust I was to blame. And removed from site. The timber frames where water lobbed and not fit for use. When plots was finished they put the heating on full blast. Wiitch ultimately pulled mitres scibes and skirtings apart. They excepted no responsibility what so ever and cost me over £3000 witch absolutely destroyed me. Horrible company horrible staff horrendous build quality and largely due to cheap matierals and no regard for customer care


charles March 27, 2015 at 12:04 pm

I think as the owner of two Persimmon Homes, the fault lies with their model of supervision of sub contractors, the site managers seem to take little or no interest in the inspection of works carried out by their appointed sub contract “craftsmen”. a neighbour of ours young son was killed by a fireplace that fell on him. no director of the company faced corporate man slaughter charges- their have good expensive lawyers-..
the site managers have a bonus incentive to complete,. my experience is do your research find out the directors name get an appointment for him to view your issue, and then write down and confirm to him all that has been agreed to resolve/ time frame etc. This will help if you need to go to law , but you must be polite and reasonable and firm. good luck.
we had along with six of our neighbours tens of thousands of pounds spent by Charles Church -persimmon to but right the bodge jobs the tried to force us to accept.


john riggs March 30, 2015 at 6:55 pm

I worked for this firm for four years until the financial crash in 2008. When I started, a new site manager had also just started and he was keen to raise standards from what he’d witnessed previously. Over the next few months he and the contracts manager built up a good team of tradesmen and we turned out well finished houses. Any snagging issues (and to be honest, there are always some,) were dealt with properly, until the problems were solved and the customer was happy. You’d think the M.D. would have been happy too; not a bit of it: all that mattered to him was churning out as many houses as possible, so that he got his bonuses. Our site manager paid day rate for snagging work, plus a little bit over, to compensate for the loss of doing the better paid price work. Since there was no such allowance built into the cost of construction, it meant that it ate into profits, which infuriated the M.D, whose policy was to hold a meeting for all the site managers on a Monday morning. This ‘meeting’ was simply an opportunity for him to vent his spleen and publicly humiliate every site manager in turn. Our manager used to arrive back from the meetings on a Monday lunchtime, thoroughly demoralised. Eventually he, and the three contracts managers (all top rate men,) left – to be replaced by a succession of nine day wonders who changed this, then that, in the hope of improving the way the sites ran – but at the heart of every successive change of policy was the common theme: cut costs. One petty penny pinching measure I remember well was that they reduced the thickness of the MDF torus architraves we had been using from 22mm to 15mm (at the thickest point.) The saving was about 6p per metre (this on a £400,000 house, too.) At the thin point, on the old architraves, it was about 7 mm. This is where it is usually nailed to the door casing. On the new architraves, it was a little over 3mm. – so thin, in fact, that the nail gun’s brads often fired straight through it. Even when they didn’t, if you set the gun so that the head of the brad finished just under the surface (as it should be.,) there was little material holding the architrave on, and they’d often detach, if knocked. To overcome this, the order went out to glue the architraves on, in addition to nailing. (It is not normal practice to glue architraves – they sometimes need to be removed.) The cost of a tube of liquid nails at that time – £1.50p. One tube usually secured two sets of architraves – 10.2 metres. So to save just over 60p, they spent £1.50, produced a third rate job – and of course, since the price we received for the whole work remained the same, but entailed much extra work, we made less too. There were dozens of similar examples. British management at it’s most typical: everyone loses.


Ryan April 24, 2015 at 2:31 pm

Hi all,
All newbuild houses are a joke I work as a painter decorator and most newbuild are as you describe they are only designed to last the life of a mortgage in my opinion you want to sell up and buy older properties never buy newbuild I’ve seen some shocking things with newbuilds like houses with no roofs being borded out and tape and joining being done before there water tight causing horrendous mould.
Hope you all the best in your troubles.


Bon April 29, 2015 at 3:51 pm

Hi every one we have now had 90 percent of our work done on the house
They fixed the leak in the roof today staircase was done last week. Only things left to do is reboard bedroom ceiling plaster it decorating to be done in living room hall stairs landing bedroom
Carpenters getting changed in living room & on stairs hallway landing
All outside work completed so in all we are now happy with what they have done
But it should never have been built in such a state in the first place if people keep complaining to customer care & sending them emails you will get things done but you have to be persistent & not give up sit back as if you do they won’t come to you with the offer of help as I said you have to persistent I no it’s a pain but it does pay off in the end


Ryan June 9, 2015 at 7:37 pm

I have exchanged on a Persimmon Home due to complete the end of the month, going by these comment I will be completing a full snagging check. But I need some advice I have decided not to pay them to fit the floors, as they quoted stupid prices, however, everything was going well until the sales rep has told me the wet rooms wc, kitchen etc I will need to have screed laid or I will have problems later down the line. I would have thought a house is built to a standard where I can lay the vinyl or a bathroom tile etc without having to concrete the floor myself? Just does not seem right I have to finish the building work if I do not buy flooring from persimmon? Can anyone advise if all new houses are like this just very confused ?


Lindsey June 16, 2015 at 7:40 pm

We had to have screed put down on our floors, they cut corners everyday they could with ours so it’s best to do it off your own back, at least that way you’ll know your vinyl or tiles will sit right! Good luck, hope all goes well with your new home!


Valerie Turner July 12, 2015 at 12:19 am

I have had 9 solicitors under the house insurance, its been over 5ys of sheer hell, you do all the hard work & each time they have found out the truth about my boundary situation they pass it on to another, they have been covering up for each other & possibly the builders are paying them off most likely be more then they get out of my insurance company, in my case it’s sheer negligence & incompetence, its property fraudulance without a doubt, so I’m on the 3rd firm of solicitors and the builders are paying their fees”WHY” would they do that if they were not in the wrong?? not sure what to do next apart from taking the case up with PROPERTY FRAUDULANCE, I believe Scotland Yard set up a team of detectives a few yrs back these who specialise in this field has anyone had to this before? I live at West Rainton on a new estate Keepmoat Homes Ltd built ( apart from boundary problems I have had loads of shoddy/poor workmanship DIY jobs, so there not professional builders as such, I’m 65 & would appreciate any help or advise.


Jim July 18, 2015 at 1:48 pm

My Daughter and Son in Law suffered unbearable experiences in the “house rental market” which resulted in their choice to take advantage of the Governments “Help to Buy Scheme.” Before they signed the plot reservation (6th April 2015) the sales advisor had advised them that the house build was to Persimmons “higher spec” this meant that the house would have an outside light, stainless steel oven and hob, stainless steel chimney extractor, half tiled bathroom with a shower above the bath and half tiled ensuite. They had also mentioned that all the missing fencing showing on the plans would be included and that all Persimmon homes came with standard floor coverings (carpets and vinyl). As nothing had been built on the site they were advised to check the show house at another site 30 miles away which appeared to be as described.
They didn’t receive their contract until the 5th June 2015 and were extremely disappointed to find that their home was only being built and finished to a very basic specification / finish and it would cost them approximately another £6000 .00 to achieve the standard of finish they had purchased. Following several complaints and referencing the trade’s descriptions act they received a call explaining Persimmons had agreed to the standard floor coverings, outside light and full fencing however there would be no other negotiating on finishes. At this point they reluctantly accepted their concessions but were bitterly disappointed by the “final finish” offered to them (standard not high spec).
They also noticed too many restrictive covenants in their contract; surely these should have been explained at the point of sale NOT EIGHT WEEKS AFTER their deposits and fees had been paid. Their most alarming concern was that Persimmon Homes are selling houses on a long lease of 999 years with an escalating ground rent which will be reviewed every ten years in line with the RPI.
As a result of this scandalous behaviour I believe that the Nationwide Building Society have made a decision that because “the properties would not offer suitable security they will no longer lend on escalating leasehold properties.”(Copy & Paste)–HOMES–WITH-999-YEAR-LEASES-DECLINED-MORTGAGES–BY-N.html Consequently they now feel that the mortgages offered to them are at a much shorter fixed term and at a much higher interest rate. In the long term they will have to pay many thousands of pounds more!
They are now firmly stuck between a “Rock and a Hard Place” as they have to leave their rented accommodation by the end of August and can’t afford to lose their deposit, mortgage valuation and legal fees which they have already paid and feel they have to continue with their purchase under extreme duress.
They fully understood that most new builders have had bad press in the past with numerous visits by “Watchdog” along with all the negative responses from “Internet Forums” they always felt that with good scrutiny they would be capable of acquiring a good home. Unfortunately some very serious doubts are appearing which shows the “Help to Buy Scheme” is more of a subsidy to the “morally corrupt house builders” than genuine help for the “First Time Buyer.”
I find it totally despicable that many “First Time Buyers” are being taken in by unscrupulous house builders when there is no justification at all for them to build and sell “Stand Alone Houses” that are leasehold. This now appears to be a “Government Sponsored Mugging” of the young by granting these “Morally Corrupt House Builders” access to misuse the “Help to Buy Scheme” purely to increase their profits. It’s surely time for a responsible Government to act and stamp out this disgraceful practice immediately.
As Persimmons Group Chief Executive Jeff Fairburn refuses to answer the majority of genuine complaints put to him and appears to be only interested in excessive profits for the company it must be time for the “The Communities and Local Government Committee” to take him to task.


mark August 15, 2015 at 10:16 am

any one got a house in wester inch village thinking of buying there but are scared of by all these horror stories


Valerie Turner August 24, 2015 at 9:13 pm

Hi all, just to let you know I am still fighting my case it’s been over 5 years and I’m exhausted with Keepmoat the builders & dealing with solicitors we shouldn’t have to put up with this hassle it’s the most expensive thing we will ever purchase and I can’t believe they can get away with robbing people.


Pat August 28, 2015 at 9:54 am

I have noticed that a few people have mentioned failing locks in Persimmon homes. I wonder how many other people have had problems with locks breaking, or have been locked in or out of their house? I am particularly concerned about the type of lock used on the cloakrooms situated under the stairs following an incident which resulted myself and my very young grandson being locked in for over seven hours.
I have of course contacted Persimmon, and all they will say is that any lock can fail! My comments have apparently been passed on to the buyers etc., but I doubt that any changes will be made….so please be wary of the lock on the understairs cloakroom, as if it falls apart and no-one else is in the house it is impossible to get out, and the lack of a window means that you are unable to attract the attention of anyone outside. The only option is to try and break the door down, but in my case that proved impossible too and so we had to wait until my daughter returned from work.
Has anyone else had a similar problem?


John Riggs September 1, 2015 at 8:15 pm

Pat – I left Persimmons in 2008, so can’t comment on the locks they’re using now, but from what I know of the buying policies, it’ll be a case of using whatever is cheapest. When I was there, they were fitting £2.50p external door cylinders to £450,000 houses. Keys were frequently lost to many plots, and on those occasions, being one of the site’s joiners, I was usually asked to gain entry. I simply did what all the burglars did, even back then – unscrewed the handle (they’re supposed to be fixed with set screws and sleeves, but those were such a poor quality affair, taking ages to get right, that they invariably were just screwed,) then snapped the cylinder, knocked the remaining half through the door and released the locking mechanism with a screwdriver. The whole thing took maybe 30 seconds, with a cordless screwdriver. A burglar wishing to make no noise, using an ordinary screwdriver would take maybe two minutes. I doubt they’re using them now; all the UPVC door companies that I know of now use the break secure type. But it just shows their blaze’ attitude – even though I told the site manager repeatedly that the cylinders weren’t secure, the response was invariably a shrug of the shoulders. The bathroom locks we were using Eurospec – (marked E*S,) not the absolute cheapest and fairly reliable usually, but they could be using a cheaper, less reliable one now. In fairness, they are correct: any lock can fail, but in reality, the cheaper locks (and handles, more often,) fail more frequently. If you are ever locked in the cloakroom again, for your information, the weakest part of the door is just above and below the lock. But for your peace of mind I wouldn’t use that cloakroom without taking a mobile or portable house phone in there, so that you can call someone in an emergency. As you say, there is no way out and no way to attract any attention. To my mind, it’s barely big enough to be fit for purpose anyway. There is supposed to be wheelchair access to all ground floor rooms. How anyone would get a wheelchair in there beggars belief.


Gemma September 6, 2015 at 11:42 pm

Having been in our ‘Charles Church’ home…built by Persimmon, for just over a year, we are at the end of our tether and are looking at ways to tackle this monster developer. Please join our Facebook page and voice your grievances so we can gather as much info in one place as possible. I won’t bore you with our horror stories, they are ongoing. But the two final straws for us, and what makes us want to tackle Persimmon is having just got a letter to inform us that our house might not meet building, fire or health & safety regs….and then reading that the top 4 directors are in line for a share of a 400 million bonus payout! This cannot happen!!!

Thank you in advance.


David morgan September 16, 2015 at 3:19 pm

Hi, I’ve made a Facebook group today. If anybody could share their experiences it would be much appreciated

It’s called persimmon moans


Martin Docherty September 29, 2015 at 12:40 pm


I bought a Persimmon home in 2009 at East Kilbride Scotland. I have just had NHBC and Persimmon come out and look at the mortar after flagging up a concern I had. They confirmed that the mortar mix was wrong and the mortar in the entire 4 bedroom detached house will need replaced. It’s expected to take 4 weeks and involves scaffolding and scrapping out all the old mortar and painstakingly replacing it. They also want me to pay to have the decking removed around the house and for me to move my shed. I’m really not happy.


clive May 1, 2016 at 9:33 am

They must have been the same bunch of cowboys that built mine in 2008, also in East Kilbride, Was the Foreman a bloke called Gary? What a complete idiot He was


Diane sage October 20, 2015 at 12:17 am

From reading the above comments, would you ever buy a persimmons home, but I have a completely different story to tell. I bought my house in Wales a year ago, and apart from very slight snagging, which I have to say was dealt with promptly, I can’t thank Persimmons enough for there help. The guys on site are fantastic. If I had to say anything bad at all, it’s the painters could be a little more careful, but I am a perfectionist.. I don’t know if it’s because the builders in Wales are better builders and work off a different ethos, but I can’t complain. The team in West wales are excellent, and buying my house went without any hitches at all. Well done to Ann Griffiths and her team. Also to Stefan the site manager. Great work guys


Vicky November 24, 2015 at 9:59 pm

Unfortunately we have purchased one of these Charles church properties and are due to move in before Xmas. I’m just wondering if anyone has paid for a kitchen upgrade and received the wrong kitchen? We went to measure up last week and the kitchen had been part installed but it was the wrong colour – we ordered gloss white but somehow out paperwork said gloss cashmere so that’s what we have been given. Apparently they said they did not have white on display but I know for a fact that they did as the choice in gloss was only black and white.
When we saw the kitchen too, the worktop had been fitted back to front – the back was front facing with a strip glued to it with glue all over the worktop. Considering what we have paid for the kitchen upgrade the work is shabby and we will not be signing off until it is all rectified. The decorating is also very shabby and someone on site has told us that they are not undercoating as they are running behind so have been told to miss that out. There is so much that has been botched so far and we have not even moved in yet. I was in tears last week over things I have seen so far and I wish we never chose a new bulld for our first home 🙁


ben December 4, 2015 at 10:07 pm

Hi there all worked for persimmon. dave bullock regional head of construction is a ass hole as he says the cream always rises to the top wat a prick he is. Jumped up git best place for him is in a ditch its all push push push get it on get it done get it up rain frost snow it dose not matter to them they are not going to be living in them there are tidy trades on site but the money they have to work for and the shit they have to put up with is terrible the standard of work is cut off point for quality


Denise December 19, 2015 at 10:13 am

Completed yesterday on a Charles Church new build. We were bullied and threatened that if we did not complete by yesterday all incentives would be removed. We have part exchanged and I have been very ill in the last few weeks with viral meningitis. As a result we were given license to remain in our current home until Jan 18. The house is not finished as floor tiling has not been completed so we did not want to complete as the house is not fit to live in. We were threatened by the sales manager that if we did not complete yesterday they would revoke that license. We are old age pensioners and I have been ill. We completed but had to wait until after dark to access the property. We cannot have all the keys as work in the property is ongoing. We went into the house last evening to find floor filing commenced but unfinished, kitchen island unfitted and doors leaning against walls. It was a dangerous site. We couldn’t have a hand over or be instructed on how the boiler works as the site manager wasn’t there!!! Supposedly called to a meeting in head office!! We were then told the site will be closed for the next 2 weeks!! Therefore we have no idea when the house will be ready to move into. Charles Church have lied, threatened and harassed us throughout the process and customer care is non existent. They are holding £500 of our money until after we leave our current property as a ‘clean and tidy bond’ what financial compensation can we claim for not being able to move into a home we have just paid £363,000 our life savings for. They have ruined my Christmas and made me I’ll. This is before we even get access to the property for snagging. God help us. Has anyone else found themselves in this situation. I am determined to make them pay for this disgusting treatment. Any advice or help would be appreciated.


John Riggs January 8, 2016 at 4:47 pm

Just read on Persimmon’s ‘combat to construction’ site, the following: “The Combat to Construction Traineeship builds on those skills to help them start a rewarding new career with us.

Just as in the Armed Forces, Trainees will be working as part of a highly professional team in which every member depends upon their colleagues to get the job done.

Their military training will have given them the flexibility, discipline and loyalty to be adaptable and prepared to travel at short notice, allowing them to make a vital contribution wherever the action is. ..”

‘Highly professional team’… nearly fell out of my chair laughing at that one. I have a few friends who were in the forces, and two brothers were long serving members of the RAF and army respectively. If they were to see the sloppy, haphazard and downright unprofessional things I saw when I worked for this shower, they’d run a mile. As Ben, above, says: all they’re interested in is push, push – get it done at any cost. (Cost to the tradesman, or house buyer; not those greedy gits.) A friend who was fed up with his present job gave them a try again a few weeks ago (we used to work together for Persimmons,) he lasted a week: first fixing (Timber studwork etc.,) a house with no roof on, in the rain. The prices are tight anyway – impossible to make a decent wage, even if everything goes as it should (it never does – materials missing, in the wrong place, sub standard timber, etc.,etc.,) but on most sites you’d be lucky to make average wage. Mind you – fist fixing in the rain is a slight improvement from a Persimmon site I worked on: First fixing a house with no roof on in the SNOW – having to keep brushing the snow away, to see the setting out on the floor (saturated chipboard.)

‘Professional’ – Ha, ha, ha…


caroline wood January 25, 2016 at 5:04 pm

Time to get watchdog and papers involved I think. Bought my home from these cowboys in 2014. Beautiful size rooms, but same as above flooring wrong, ill fitted. Some one had dragged an oven and a dishwasher from front door to position leaving four gouged lines over 15 feet of tiles. Drains constantly blocking. Most of the paintwork not done. Hole in wall next to back door still after a year. They even mastic’d around the hole just to add insult. Front door still doesn’t shut properly but they’ve painted it twice to make it look nice! The inspectors must be on a bonus!


Janette thomas February 22, 2016 at 9:02 am

We bought a new build June 2015, from the Dorchester Group, in Upoer Heyford. Avoid at all costs they couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery!!! The list is endless, and I am getting nowhere re compensation. The house cost over half a million and I think it was built by chimps!!
The attitude of Dorchester is “we will fix any problems within reason” !!! They think they are doing me some great favour when the problems should have been checked prior to selling the house.
I’ve seen bad reports about Persimmons and Taylor wimpey and Bovis homes, but believe me The Dorchester Group exceed all of these on bad workmanship.


clive May 1, 2016 at 9:25 am

I find it hard to believe that Persimmon are still in business, they the worst house builder in history. They are complete amateurs. We bought a Persimmon house 8 years ago and I am still having to correct their mistakes. The people that they employ to build their houses must ne on a back to work scheme as the workmanship is so poor. I think the Dry wall people that built my house must have been registered blind as the finish is so poor, and the walls are so crooked. The decorators looked to have used a jumper to do the painting the finish was so poor. The site manager was some poser called GARY who was a complete plonker that only knew how to bodge things when we pointed out snagging faults. In the end most of the snagging repairs ended up worse than when we complained about them. I could go on all day listing the problems with the house, from design to quality of work.
NEVER EVER BUY A PERSIMMON HOME they are complete cowboys.


Matthew October 29, 2017 at 12:22 pm

A lot of the problems with persimmon homes are the timber frame construction.
They build the house out of wood then put a brick skin around the wood.
It’s like my dads wooden pigeon shead with just a brick skin around it .
This wood shrinks and expands compared to breeze block constructed houses .. resulting in major snagging.
Give me a house built from breeze blocks then brick around the breeze block any day, I believe Barratt and Taylor wimpey still use traditional construction (for now) but are losing money as they can’t build the houses as quick as persimmon timber frames as the frame is more or less pre built and measured in the factory before it’s erected on the site …persimmon is all about speed and profit for the builder.
Either way ,new builds in general are cheap nowadays they use mdf instead of real wood for door frames and they use plastic I believe instead of slate for the porches of the front doors… overlooked gardens and they all come with cheap boilers …you won’t get a Worcester Bosch or baxi boiler in new houses …the show homes aren’t what you get when you buy…the show home is at least 10k more as it comes with upmarket kitchens n bathrooms to make it look nicer you just get the basics at a premium price…. But no matter what I say… people will still buy new houses out of snobbery when in reality the house costs far less to build with cheap materials and unqualified foreign jobbers than houses built years ago by people with genuine trades .


Farey April 3, 2018 at 10:21 am

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