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N Watkins February 6, 2015 at 7:13 pm

We have had a major problem with a conservatory upgrade since being built in September 2013.

The sequence of events are as stated below.

Builder no 1 removed old wooden conservatory down to half brick base and rebuild with upvc and tiled roof. Builder came back numerous times over 10 months to remedy damp patches on roof without fully solving. At the builders suggestion he advised we get a tradesman who specialised in roofs and he would pay.

18th October – Job Posted on and received reply below from 2nd builder.

We as an experienced company would like to give you a free competitive quotation and advice for all your work that’s needed.
We hope to help you soon .
Kind regards

Quotation received on 11th November ( attached) and job offered to this company.
Work carried out on Saturday 15th November 2014

The job took approx. 2 hrs and comments were made that;
“100 % confident that the leak is repaired”
On the basis of this comment £500 handed over.

Two days later first rainfall and awoke to find conservatory ” swimming in water”. Worse situation than prior to job that I paid £500 for.

When the builder returned to view property and leak, he described that the roof had been built with an incorrect ( shallow pitch) and that to repair effectively would require another £400 pounds.

The basis for my claim is that, no reference was made to the build being an issue, whilst quoting or carrying out the work. To the contrary builder no 2 was happy to carry out a quick job, receive £500 then when the job has proved to be unsuccessful evaded numerous requests to right the situation.

My claim was that they refund £500 allowing me to recruit an honourable company and draw a line under this stressful situation

In parallel with this I re engaged builder no 1 to describe shallow pitch issue. His answer was simple, I broke my contract with him through employing builder no 2 and that if the pitch wanted solving he wanted another £1000. We are now trapped in this triangle. Every rainfall our lovely conservatory suffers with water running down light fitting, sliding doors and we have numerous damp patches. Help

Yours sincerely
Mr and Mrs N Watkins

From: Robert
Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 5:18 PM
To: Watkins, Neil
Subject: Roofflex quotation

Hi Neil

Please find attached a copy of the quotation for your roof work.
We have Thursday afternoon free this week, we will thereafter be booked for the next 5 weeks.
If this is not a



Tracey Mulrainey June 3, 2015 at 11:26 am

have had wet room installed by Mobility+ which does not meet what was explained would be done when visited on 2 occasions! The work had to be paid for in total prior to installation, which was against everything I wished or know to be advised! Apparently, this is common practice with mobility firms however. Currently waiting for Regional Manager to attend property as they have been out today to rectify issue and they are still not doing what they had said they would do, and are now stating it can’t be done! Have paid £16,000 for this work and no recompense whatsoever!


c.bullimore June 19, 2015 at 9:48 pm

AQnglian conservatory, start 12th january 15. one to two weeks build quote, the staff ignored the build and state of workman ship, a friend noted so called the firm to view, results needed two days work manager, two contractors viewed the building, this I tried to bring to their attention roof not built correctly BS6399, , no gaskets, forgotten, told constantly in a rude way all o.k 17th JUNE FIVE MONTHS the men left, because the building was not screwed together, dollops of silicone. replaced gaskets. the roof was pushing out the front of the conservatory, roof not built correctly, we will pull the conservatory and rebuild. men chased me constantly for payment, foolishly I paid £15000 .elderly me paid. Last £10,000 when, signed off completed.I worried, lost sleep, and more ANGLIAN NOT INTERESTED UNTIL i REQUESTED BUILDING PULLED DOWN and money back, can I do this? will send pictures back but don,t know how will find out/
Please advise or help regards Carol


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