Families say they moved in last week to find paint still wet, fitted cupboards falling off walls, leaking toilets and even damp plasterwork.

Even builders themselves have described the Red House Park development just outside Newport Pagnell as allegedly “worse than something you would see on the Rogue Traders TV programme.”

The sub-contracters say they have been rushed to get the homes completed by Christmas to such an extent that their workmanship has been compromised.

“It’s a total mess,” claimed one master tradesman. In all my 20 years in this business I have never seen houses finished as badly as these.

“It’s so bad that I keep expecting somebody from Rogue Traders or Watchdog to walk on site.”

Five familes moved in last week and more are due to move in this Friday – all eager to spend Christmas Day in their new homes.

The sub-contracters claim Bovis caused the chaos by adding several more homes to the pre-Christmas completion list at the last minute, “It meant we couldn’t do our jobs properly. We’re tiling on wet plaster, painting before surfaces are ready and generally all tripping over each other to get the jobs finished,” added the tradesman.

Meanwhile the new occupiers are equally frustrated.

“It’s not just teething troubles – it’s been a catalogue of disasters. We are furious,” said one.

One resident was allegedly so disgusted that she threw her new set of keys at staff in the sales office and stormed off.

Another builder claimed: “There will be more complaints as time goes by. We’re tiling on to damp plaster – I guarantee those tiles will fall off soon.”

A spokesman for Bovis told the Citizen: ”Any issues our sub-contractors have had on site should have been raised directly with our site manager and his team based there.

“If they had been made aware of any concerns in good time they could have taken the appropriate action to ensure each home was finished to the standard Bovis Homes demand.

“We take all customer complaints and warranty obligations very seriously. We have put our own customer care teams on the development this week, and they are dealing with any remedial issues on an individual basis as we speak.

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