THEY say home is where the heart is – but a fed up group of residents today claimed buying new property on an Ipswich estate has left them wishing they had never bothered.

All 16 homeowners in Cranberry Square, Ravenswood, have levelled an angry blast at Bellway, criticising the developer for failing to deliver the dream home they say they were promised.

They have also accused the property giant of poor customer service and shoddy workmanship, which has seen one problem fixed but another created in the process.

The residents, who say they are tired after more than a year of problems, have now petitioned Bellway in a last bid to find a solution.

Anja Gibson and husband Phil bought their contemporary design five-bed home 14 months ago, but say they have since suffered a catalogue of problems, including uneven floors, a dodgy roof and cracked rendering.

To confirm their suspicions and support their grievances, they hired an independent assessor – known as a “snagger” – who they say found another one hundred faults with their new home.

Their troubles have even led to them banning Bellway workers from entering the home they share with their two children.

Today, a jaded Mrs Gibson said: “We’ve had issues with the window in the top bedroom, the roof, the floor in the conservatory, skirting boards, bricks in the fire place, tiles…the list goes on and on.

“Trying to get Bellway to do anything is an uphill struggle. It takes two or three goes to agree there is something wrong and they say that it is within the building tolerances.

“The house is very nice but it’s the finish that’s the problem – and the arguments. I have told Bellway I don’t want another worker in my house. I just want the money to pay for the corrections.”

Mrs Gibson, who works for Axa, said they got off to a bad start when they were promised a “sparkling finish”, but were met with saw dust in the cupboards.

Other residents said they have endured problems with plumbing, paintwork and brickwork.

Homeowner Emily Carter said: “The house designs are nice, but it’s the other problems which have caused us trouble. I don’t feel the quality is there considering the price we have paid.”

A spokesman for Bellway said the company had a dedicated customer care team which was committed to dealing swiftly and professionally with any issues raised.

He said: “On the rare occasions when we feel these issues are not appropriate for us to be handling, we refer the customer to the National House Building Council (NHBC), an independent organisation which provides the warranty on our houses at Ravenswood.

“The NHBC then issues a resolution report on which we would immediately act should this recommend any further works are necessary.”

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