The problems with my flat are so bad that it is virtually un-saleable at present. Estate agents believe that to offload the property I would have to knock around 50%, £250,000, off the suggested selling price (if the roof, windows & pipes didn’t leak, the underground car park didn’t flood and the wind whistle through the electric sockets on the walls when it was windy, amongst other things).

My flat is now more than two years’ old and even basic repairs have never been carried out, despite all 15 flats in the block paying in total £30,000 per year in maintenance charges to date nearly £90,000 has been paid!

My blog can be found at (Archive) and I invite other owners to document their problems.

A list of my flat’s problems are itemised:

About this Miller Homes blog site

This site is an open forum for exposing the bad building practices of Miller Homes and their inability to carry out proper snagging, or to deal with matters relating to building problems in a professional or timely manner.

Please read the bold type first – it’s just more fun that way.

* my luxury apartment is 2 years old and now un-saleable
* if I sold today I would stand to lose over £ 250,000
* my ceiling leaks whenever it rains and I live at the bottom of an eight storey building
* my windows leak as they have been improperly fitted, as are all the windows in all flats
* our water pipes leak and cause unbearable distress to all residents of the building
* our car park used to flood from outside, but now it just fills up with water from inside leaks
* property has been stolen, because our underground car park security has been broken for 3 months
* our flat has no external insulation fitted – contrary to current building practices
* wind blows out of the plug sockets on internal walls so loudly that we can’t listen to I tunes or watch TV
* Miller Homes assured me over 16 months ago that all my problems would be addressed – none have been
* the internal walls actually move
* damp and mould are forming inside the apartment due to improper ventilation
* my internal walls will have to be removed to carry out repairs
* I will have to move my family out to allow repairs as they are so severe
* ceilings will have to be pulled down and replaced
* when my builder explained a simple fix to my worst leak problem Miller Homes told us it was not interested helping
* our external impervious lifetime guarantee coating has already started to fall off
* the building’s disabled lift has never worked from start to finish, not fit for purpose
* our kitchen extractor fan does not work
* our carpets are stained by the water ingress that blows in though our patio doors
* Our lift lobby is constantly flooded by internal water leaks
* a simple frayed wire on our electronic door entry was noted to Miller Homes, it remains unrepaired after 26 months – I think over 2 years should be enough to fix a wire
* many other problems exist – too many to list here

As you will be able to read from this blog site there are an endless parade of faults which all appear too tuff to repair for what are perceived as a leading construction company. Miller Homes are incompetent, I hope they take me to court so I can use all the documentation I have built up over the last two years to prove just that.

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