Bolton Council has successfully taken action against Barratt Homes who have been fined £5,400 for flyposting in the Bolton area. The builder was given ample opportunity to take down the illegal posters but failed resulting in the local council taking action.

Obviously, the builder sees this fine as being insignificant compared to the advertising and marketing benefits it gets from these unsightly adverts that they plastered all lampposts around the Bolton estate. As it is not the first time the builder has been fined for fly posting.

Their scant regard for the law in this area does make you wonder about their attitude to the law in other areas such as the building regulations. Quite a scary thought really.

Read more about it in the Bolton Evening News:

A PROPERTY developer has been fined £5,400 and ordered to pay £1,190 costs for illegally fly posting on lampposts in Bolton.

Bolton Council brought the case against Barratt Manchester Ltd which trades as Barratt Homes.

The company pleaded guilty to nine offences of displaying unlawful advertisements during a hearing at Bolton Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

The developer was fined £600 for each offence under Section 224 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

Court fines property firm £5,400 for illegal posters

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