This story highlights the fact that the house builders will build absolutely anywhere. Extreme care needs to be taken when buying new homes on these so-called brown field sites. You really need to do your homework to find out what that land was used for.

Amazingly, even though the authorities knew about the nature of the lake, planning permission was granted for a modern housing estate to be built on a tip next to the poisoned body of water in 2003.

Last night one worried father, whose house sits on the edge of the toxic mere, said: “We feel we have been lied to by everyone, and everybody round here is very angry about it.

“At no stage did Barratt homes tell us anything about what was buried in that lake and when we came to visit there were no hazardous waste signs on the main gate as there are now.

“Not only do we face financial ruin because we will never be able to sell the house, but our garden literally backs onto the lake so we are terrified for the health of our young children.”

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