I was just writing about issues with parking on a new build estate in Devon and how developers try to maximise the number of units on a site by minimising parking and play areas etc. If residents are lucky the local council will intervene to ensure that certain features are required to get planning consent. However, this doesn’t mean the builders actually meet the requirements set by the builders. We know the builders are not afraid of flouting the law to maximise profits and here is an example of Barratt Homes not providing a play area:

Children have no safe place to play because their parents say a housing development has been left without its promised play area. Installing a play area was part of the planning conditions for the Barratt Homes development at Lady Beam Court in Kelly Bray.
But more than two years after moving in, residents are still waiting for the facility. Sean Milne, who lives at the Lady Beam Court development with his wife and four children, said he bought a house on the back of the plans.
‘We thought there would be a play area and now all we’ve been left with is an empty, muddy field,’ he said.

Read more over at the Cornish Times.

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