Crag Williamson, author of A Foreign Education and new build buyer has started to blog his house moving experiences:

“I will be using this blog to share the new home experience with you in all of its financially crippling glory. Together we will go through the ups (“…darling, I think we need a 42 inch TV for our new lounge…”) and the downs (“…a granite worktop costs how much?”), the highs (“…maybe even 50 inches, I’m sure it would fit…”) and the lows (“…just for a worktop, are you sure?”), as well as the joy (“…42 inches of pure plasma pleasure – I’m so happy!”) and the tears (“…it’s a piece of rock for god’s sake – how can a piece of rock cost so much?”).”

You can follow Craig’s progress here using the Bloor Homes newsfeed and you can comment using the link below or on the blog itself.

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