David and Jacqueline Snedden’s dream home has turned into a 
nightmare with faults costing £22,000 to fix.

The couple have spent two years chasing builders Charles Church for a resolution but the work is 
still not complete, despite them invoking their National House Building Council guarantee.

They called me in last week in a final attempt to get things moving.

David, 50, said: “We are stressed to the max over this.

“The house is a disaster area. It has been a building site since March when the joiner last walked off the job.

“There are so many holes in the walls from nail pops, caused 
when construction nails work themselves loose, that it looks like someone has gone on the rampage with a machine gun.”

The Sneddens bought the £250,000 new-build property from Charles Church, a division of 
Persimmon, and moved in 
in March 2014. But they had 
problems almost right away.

David, an offshore pipe fitter, said: “We reported the usual 
snagging and things were attended to at first.”

But the Sneddens decided they’d had enough and escalated the outstanding issues toNHBC in November. The faults include more than 600 holes from nail pops in walls, faulty front and back doors, a sinking garage floor with a 6ft crack along it and wonky window sills.

David and Jacqueline, 50, a 
bakery worker, were pleased when NHBC inspected the property and instructed Charles Church to take action.

But things did not go to plan. David said: “They were supposed to start in January to fix the faults but never did.

They had three dates given to them but they failed to show.

“Then in March a joiner 
turned up, changed over some internal doors, put screws in 
plasterboard in two of the bedrooms and left.”

The Sneddens, of Redding, Falkirk, were advised by NHBC to call in contractors to quote. NHBC told the couple they would 
consider a cash settlement to 
allow them to instruct their 
own builder.

David said: “Some contractors, when they saw the state of the place, walked back out again. They wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole.

“Others quoted from £22,000 to put right the problems and make our home liveable again.

“It’s so upsetting. We actually go round counting the nail pops.

“When I reported the sinking garage floor, which leaks every time it rains, Charles Church tried to blame it on me for parking in the garage every day.

“We love the house but we just want it finished. Please help.”

I got on to NHBC. They said: “While some remedial work has taken place, 
further attention is required. A claims 
investigator will be making another visit to decide what still needs to be carried out.”

Persimmon Homes East 
Scotland apologised and said: “In a recent meeting we confirmed work would be actioned without delay but Mr Snedden requested we wait until NHBC had 

David is adamant that this is not the case. But he’s relieved NHBC are keen to resolve matters as soon as possible.

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