My Husband and I moved in to a David Wilson Home in Little Dunmow, Essex at the end of june 2005, and have since had snagging problems unresolved.

We have rain water gushing down between our wall and next door’s (show home). This has been reported time and time again, in fact since last September. We call David Wilson homes on a weekly basis, only to be told that they will call us back in the afternoon – They never do!

We have spoken to many people within David Wilson homes who all promise to call us. They are just wasting our prescious time.

We have had a constant dripping tap in our bathroom from the outset, which a so called plumber did try to mend, but it is worse, and have concerns with the amount of water we lose a day, is costing us dearly with our water meter.

I am sick and tired of having to call David Wilsons and very angry that no one cares. We have other little snags but the major one is the one with the cavity wall with the rain water.

Are we in years to come going to have dampness and have to fork out for the damage because of David Wilsons NEGLECT of duty?

We are bitterly disappointed and will never buy New again.

If only David Wilson Homes were as eager as they were when they tried getting us to sign on the dotted line and handing over our cash for Trash!

Lisa Hounsome

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