Watchdog has received over a hundred complaints about David Wilson Homes.

The Bannings were approaching retirement and had saved for years to buy their home. Dianne Banning told Watchdog, “We now face the prospect of our nest-egg being swallowed up with all the problems. The rendering on the front of the house has cracked and it’s going to be a destructive and expensive process to investigate what has happened. The roof also chatters away in the wind – we’ve had electrical problems – the list goes on and on.”

The McGuires bought their house last year. Within a few weeks of moving in, they noticed all sorts of problems with their new home. They found holes behind the radiators, gaps around the tiles and cracks in the bathroom.

Hazel McGuire told Watchdog, “In total, there were 339 snagging faults. The house was freezing and we couldn’t get it warm because walls and ceilings had not been properly insulated.” They also had problems with the roof.

The McGuires commissioned an independent survey on their home. Its author, chartered building surveyor John Norman, was scathing. He said, “The House has not been built in accordance with building regulations and on many points contravenes the 1984 Building Act. I have to say that in all my years in the business this is the worst new-build house I have ever seen.”

David Wilson Homes have agreed to meet the families in the film to discuss the best way to proceed with the repairs. It claims that in recent years it has consistently achieved a satisfaction rating from customers significantly above government targets.

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