There are several reasons for this decision prime amongst them being that we just cannot devote enough time to updating the
site, answering email and generally helping everyone that approached us.

So, with a tinge of sadness, we have today redirected all our traffic to the truly marvellous and very funky

This means that, for the foreseeable future and while the UKNBOA URLs are still hosted, anyone visiting a UKNBOA site will
be automatically redirected to After that you will plunge into the horror of “not found” babble in your

We are sure you will agree that is far far better in terms of layout and facilities and we would strongly urge
you to pay the site a visit today to add your comments and marvel at the really cool layout. (Ed. Thanks)

Thanks again to everyone that visited us at UKBOA. With John “two jags / four chins” Prescott seemingly hell bent on
covering every square inch of the country with newbuild now is the best time to raise our voices and get heard.

Write your MP – explain why you think future homebuyers need statutory protection – or at the very least a free psychiatric
counselling service for unwitting newbuild buyers to help them cope with the stress of battling with greedy “couldn’t give a
t*ss” developers.

You no doubt heard, saw or read the Press coverage around Developers being given more power…. it would be funny if it
wasn’t so serious.

Still – there’s an election round the corner….

Take care everyone and most of all GOOD LUCK !

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In the body site-wide: