Holes in the walls, cracks in the plaster and peeling tiles are just three of a long list of problems one homeowner discovered when he moved into his £580,000 dream house.

Luke Mahon and his wife, Alison, 35, hoped the newly-built property would be the perfect place to start a family. But they soon uncovered major faults with their four-bedroom home – and have catalogued 140 since moving in five months ago.

And Mr Mahon, 45, is so frustrated with homebuilder Taylor Wimpey that he has set up a Twitter account to list them – and warn others off buying similar homes.

The couple first found signs of wear and tear – including cracks in the walls and plaster – shortly after moving in to the home at Woodley, Berkshire, last September. 

They also encountered bigger problems, such as a badly-fitted £3,000 granite kitchen unit and a misplaced toilet, in the detached home.

And when temperatures started to plummet last winter, marketing director Mr Mahon discovered his home – which was advertised as being ‘energy efficient’ – had not been fitted with loft insulation.

He has created a Twitter account to vent his frustration, and publicly document the long list of problems that he claims have yet to be fixed.
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