One of Britain’s biggest builders has admitted offering housebuyers thousands of pounds to persuade them to move into unfinished homes in a desperate bid to hit sales targets.

Bovis Homes, whose chief executive left abruptly on Monday, was willing to pay its customers as much as £3,000 to complete deals by December 23 – even if the property was not finished.

That outraged buyers, who complained about everything from wrong kitchen units being installed to unfinished driveways.

It is not the first time Bovis has angered its customers, and nearly 750 people have now joined a Facebook page – called the ‘Bovis Homes Victims Group’ – with complaints dating back to 2013.

They include leaking pipes, holes in walls and dodgy wiring. MPs last night said they could raise the issue in Parliament.

Bovis offered the cash to buyers in order to rush through deals as it desperately tried to hit its ambitious sales targets for the year.

But on December 28 it had to reveal that the completion of 180 homes would be ‘deferred’ into early 2017 – meaning annual profits for 2016 would be lower than previously expected.

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