Builders Bellway Homes North East jumped into action when I asked for an explanation about Andrew Hutchinson’s complaint.

Andrew told me how his new home needed various repairs after he moved in.

Now the Newcastle-based company has given Andrew top priority to clear his list of outstanding problems.

Bellway will re-surface the crumbling drive at his house in Houghton- le-Spring, Tyne and Wear, after initially refusing to do so.

And further work will be carried out on walls, a door and a window.

Andrew said: “I have a decaying drive, my doors do not close properly, I have an ill-fitted window, holes in my walls, and absolutely no faith whatsoever in Bellway.

“I truly wish that we had never purchased this property.

“My wife and I have been made to feel as if we are nothing but an aggravation and irritant. We have had to do battle all the way and customer service has been nothing but diabolical.

“My patience has finally worn out and my stress levels have been pushed so far that I made the decision to ask for your help.”

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