I am currently living next door to a Persimmon Homes site called Tagwood View in  Ramsbottom, Bolton)  and wish to complain about the state of the site throughout the working day and later on in the evening.

During the day our road is constantly blocked off by diggers and such, not to mention workmen who park outside our homes. The constant mess inside our homes has got the entire neighbourhood to a point where we are going to put in a claim for compensation for the state of our carpets. Our cars are getting hit by rubble constantly by the work trucks thundering past daily.

I have already complained about the generator being too close to the houses and how it makes the houses rumble throughout the day, making you feel physically sick. I was told this would be moved but it hasnt been.

In the evening, we are getting vandals coming up and playing on the site, they are coming into the empty houses and playing on site – where is the health and safety there? The immediate danger here is the fact they are using huge bags of dry cement to jump out of windows and land on. The children tend to come up around 6.30pm, when our own children are out playing. There was a particular incident tonight where we found two 3 year olds and a 5 year old playing with them. A neighbour and myself immediately went on site, as it is only boarded off with a simple wooden pole across it, instead of gates, and got the children off site. We couldnt get near the older ones as they had built a ‘den’ out of the building material and refused to come off.

If this happens again, we have agreed we will contact the police.

I have copied this letter and intend on sending this to many different emails of Persimmon, until I get a reply to inform me that something will be done about this.

Do you think I will get anywhere with it?

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