Angry homeowners protesting about problems with their £400,000 luxury Barratt Homes (archive) have staged a demonstration on a prestigious Barratt estate.

Residents on The Hawthorns development in Burnside, Rutherglen, say they have suffered a catalogue of problems since they bought their dream homes.

The owners of eight homes have protested outside the builder’s luxury showhouse to highlight their complaints.

One of the couples affected, Stephen McFadden, 31, and his wife Sharon, 35, have put their £400,000 six-bedroom house up for sale, claiming little has been done to rectify problems in the home they moved into in February.
The couple, who have two children aged 2 and 5, claim workmanship on their property is unacceptable and also claim to have a four-page list of complaints which they say are worse than typical snagging repairs.
Their complaints include loose banisters on the third floor, broken radiators, hinges not properly fitted to doors, poor tiling and badly fitted bathrooms.

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