We bought our new 4 bedroom detached from Bryant homes in October 2002.

There were several faults, including one window which was put in crooked and needed to be taken out and re-fitted.

However, our present dispute is about the landscaping in front of our house, a public footpath two flowerbeds and some grass.

The view from our house is so bad, with dead trees and plants and rampant weeds that ourselves and some neighbours spent two days weeding and adding some plants to one of the beds.

Bryant actually planted fewer plants than were shown on the spec and have consistently refused to attend to the areas.

They state that the area has been adopted by the local council – which the council have advised us is patently not true.

We have asked for a contribution from Bryant Homes for the cost of our time and the plants, which we are planning to give to charity, but they have dismissed us out of hand.

This is yet a further example of a big developer happy to take a lot of money from people for houses, but being ripped off by contractors who are failing to deliver to the required standard.

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