Survey from ‘snagging’ information site reveals plague of faults in new homes is putting buyers off More than one in three new home buyers would not consider buying a new home again, according to a survey conducted by new home buyers information service founder Tony Bright, whose own experiences with a new home
riddled with faults led him to launch the service, claims the results
are symptomatic of the volume and severity of faults in new-build

Bright said: “When people buy a new home they quite rightly think that
everything will work first time and everything will be complete.
They’re mostly caught up in the practicalities of moving and choices of
floorings and furniture rather than checking for faults. It comes as a
real shock to many when they discover many things – sometimes quite
serious – can be wrong.”

New home buyers can enlist the services of a specialist firm to conduct
a ‘snagging’ survey on their new property which can then be used to get
the builder to make amends. But many new home buyers are not aware such
services exist and those that are can end up paying up to £400 for a
survey. provides new home buyers with resources to ensure they
aren’t left with a property riddled with faults. It also offers a
55-page Snagging Checklist which gives the home buyer a comprehensive
reference to all the areas in a new home that should be checked, plus
detailed advice as to how to prepare a ‘snag list’ and use it to ensure
faults are fixed before you move in.

Diligent home buyers can use the Snagging Checklist to
conduct their snagging survey and save themselves hundreds of pounds as
well as giving them peace of mind that their property has been checked
thoroughly. The Snagging Checklist is available online at for just £15.

Bright said: “When I recently moved in to my new home it should have
been an exciting time for me, my heavily pregnant wife and our young
son. But the number of faults we discovered before and after we moved
in turned it into a nightmare. This inspired me to prepare the Snagging
to help other new home buyers avoid such grief.”

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