The Watchdog team investigated the National House-Building Council (NHBC) yet again on 21 April 2008. It seems that the NHBC or some builder is on televsion every six months or so without fail. Hopefully, the Office of Fair Trading will make recommendations in the summer that will improve consumer rights. I bet Imtiaz Farookhi the NHBC’s CEO is quietly hoping for this so he can stop getting hammered on national TV.

From the BBC Report:

Eighty five per cent of newly built houses are covered by the NHBC’s Buildmark Policy, a warranty that guarantees the NHBC will fix any major defects occurring to a property within the first ten years after purchase.

In 1999, Helen Staub moved into her new home on the outskirts of Manchester. Two years later, cracks started to appear in the house and Helen contacted her insurers who identified major problems with her foundations. She went to the NHBC, hoping that it could fix the problem, but it rejected her claim, stating that it wasn’t serious enough.

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