Licenced energy assessor, Rod Holt, has found that many new home builders don’t understand the new Building Regulation (part L1A) introduced in April 2006 to ensure that new homes meet strict new energy standards. It is ironic that energy efficiency is often cited as one of the major advantaged of new homes, when this is often not the case.

Here is a list of items to look out for:

  1. The roof should provide 200mm quilt insulation between and over the joists as minimum to acheive thermal performance levels.
  2. The house must display an energy rating in the form of a SAP rating showing that the building scores a number between 1 to 100. The SAP rating should have been prepared by a approved competent person. There should be a SAP Certificate displaying the SAP Rating, TER (target emissions rate) & DER (dwelling emission rate). The DER figure should be less than the TER.
  3. Low Energy Lights should be located in Living Rooms, Kitchens and Hall, Stair & Landings, these should be Florescents, LED or pin type fitting so that a light can’t be replaced with ordinary light bulbs/tungsten filaments.
  4. Make a note of the boiler type and model and go onto the web site The boiler should be listed with a Sedbuk A or B rating and have a minimum efficiency of 86%.
  5. The home should have been pressure tested by approved individual to ensure that there are no holes in the structure to cause draughts. There should be a pressure test certificate supplied.
  6. The Heating and water system should have been commissioned by self certifying competant persons with a certificate produced and details of how to control the systems.
  7. Pipe in voids, ceilings, roof space should be insulated.
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