Nearly two thirds of those questioned (65 per cent) agreed that Britain needs more homes, and 63 per cent think that within the next five years a shortage of housing will be a serious problem.

The survey also canvassed opinion on quality. Some 52 per cent of the public described the appearance and design of new homes built in their local area in the last two years as very good or fairly good, compared to 24 per cent who thought they were fairly poor or very poor.

Housing and Planning Minister Yvette Cooper said:

People want to know that their sons and daughters will be able to afford a home of their own. That is why many people in our communities now recognise the need to build the new homes that the next generation needs. Unless we increase house building rates less than a third of thirty year old couples will be able to afford a home of their own in twenty years time.

She added:

Our challenge though is to make sure that the homes are built in the right places, with tough environmental standards, well-designed and attractive places to live with all the services, transport links, schools and hospitals needed to create the communities we all want to live in.

She went on to say:

The Government has set out clear proposals to meet this challenge and wants to see a growing consensus on supporting the aspirations of our young people. That means public and private sectors working and investing together to strengthen our economy, protect the environment and meet the housing needs not just of some but of all.

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