It got off to a bad start when they held back the keys for 4 hours after receiving our funds at 1 o’clock. We didn’t receive keys till 5.30 having booked a van and given notice on our rented property at the time and booked holiday from work.

On moving in we had no water or heating for 3 days due to the boiler not being wired up – HOW DID IT PASS THE INSPECTION? Well, that wasn’t the end of it by far. We continued to find faulty radiators with loose brackets fitted and a large chunk missing out of the kitchen worktop, an extractor fan blowing out cavity wall insulation. The oven burning the sides of the cupboards and drawers. I had an electrician in to put new light fittings on the first floor. He turned off the electrics for that floor and thankfully checked it by flicking the landing switch to find that the electrics were wired up to the smoke detectors and it all had to be rewired again – HOW DID IT PASS THE INSPECTION?

Nails popping through ceilings, walls and skylights. Paintwork diabolical – too much paint in some cases none in others. I could see the metal corners on walls, no plaster, every door had a fault – didn’t close, large 3inch gaps underneath – I could get my whole hand under door in some cases. There was paint on inset lights in bathrooms and kitchens and paint on door handles. The property was filthy, I cleaned for 2 days. There were light fittings hanging from the ceiling in the bathroom the holes were too big for lights. The grouting for the tiles looked like my 3-year-old grandchild had done it. The pedestals were the wrong size for basins so they filled the gap with filler 3 inches thick. We had yellow sap running down doors and frames. The stainless steel hob was scratched badly. We had paid £145.00 for a mat by the front door to wipe our feet on to be placed level with the laminate floor as we have 2 dogs it should have been 1 metre square – it measured 17 inches we had to fight to get our money back as it wasn’t wide enough to wipe one foot on.

The carpets we had ordered were £1900 silver graded, they put down the bronze carpet £1500. It took 8 months to fight to prove they were not the carpets we had paid for.

The shower leaked and still does after 4 visits the feet were not touching the floor and the water was coming through the door. The front door weather strip is still broken hand is letting in water and the windows have been replaced in the patio doors four times and they are still faulty – the seal is broken and they steam up inside. We are still awaiting for the 5th attempt to get it right.

We had to have drains put in the back garden which kept flooding the kitchen. The light switches were upside down in the en-suite and in the bedroom some plugs can’t be used as we can’t get plugs in to them. We paid for a TV Arial in the loft with 2 points – only 1 works.

To top the lot we now have found out there is a moisture problem under the lounge floor, the kitchen floor and all of the downstairs. In fact our laminate flooring we paid an extortionate £1650 for is buckling. We had the floor drilled on 9/2/2007 and the construction manager said we have a problem. I don’t know what to do, I need to get some advise we are still waiting to hear we expect to be told they haven’t put the damp membrane in the raft base therefore the water is coming up through the polystyrene and through the concrete and is now affecting our laminate floor. We aren’t the only ones we think its all four houses built on the one raft base – God help us all.

On top of that our fences fell down to find that the posts were just pushed into the ground no concrete to hold them. We are by a river we are on a potential flood plane land with no damp proof membrane.

Well what next, Oh yes, I forgot all the front airbricks on all the properties on the development are under ground level most of us have had to dig them out so they are visible. What a mess customer services don’t want to know they keep fobbing us off with stupid answers its gone too far.

Time for action, time to get papers involved, TV and even court action. Someone has to take a stand against this company they use cowboys I found out that a friend of my son-in-law’s who is a asphalt roofer got a job laying bricks – he’s never laid a brick in his life before! They take anyone on. The site manager is rude and we were told by the sales women in the show home – oh you cant upset him he gets very funny. What a shame he has not done his job properly and its time the shit hit the fan.

Thank you, a very upset Persimmon Home owner wanting to get out of it.

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