We have a snagging issue with our kitchen worktops that has taken almost 2 years to resolve with Persimmon, even though it was quite a straightforward issue. Because of this, two separate Persimmon Customer Care reps offered us a goodwill offer for some minor alterations to our kitchen on two separate occasions.

Unfortunately, before this was implemented, both employees left Persimmon (over the long dragged out period of another year) and a new Customer Care manager reneged on the offers – even though, under Persimmon’s direction, I had already spent some of my own money towards the project.
We feel that Persimmon are being completely unreasonable about this issue – offering us no goodwill or a measley cash settlement, which in reality doesn’t even cover the cost of the materials (even if we were to replace the kitchen without any minor changes.)

Is there any advice or help anybody can offer?

Best Regards,
April Slade,

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