1. Moved in June 2004 with a combined snag list of over 200 items

2. At present we still have no floor coverings upstairs due to unlevel
floors. We are facing a bill of ?3000 to pay for someone else to fix
the floors. Redrow are ignoring our phone calls and are refusing to pay
for floors to be fixed properly.

3. Downstairs floors have just been repaired for the umpteenth and we
have tiled the first room the past week. The hall floor has been
repaired approx 8 times and other concrete floors almost as many times

4. Have spent 16 months fighting with builders (At first they tried to
tell us that there was nothing wrong with our house)- Incurred
solicitors fees and time off work due to stress and had to take many
holidays to allow the builders access

5. We have been moved out of the house for over 2 weeks over 2 separate
periods to enable the builders to correct numerous faults including,
brickwork, floors, walls and major snag items. We have moved in and out
of the house 3 times! That is a lot of packing and unpacking.

6. We lived for a month after moving in were Redrow would visit every
day to fix the floors. We moved furniture from room to room to allow
them to do so.

7. We have been living in a bedroom for the last 16 months. We had to
cancel Christmas at our house last year and it looks as though we will
have to do that again.

8. We moved here to be happy after my fianc? had gone into remission
from Hodgkin’s disease (lymphatic cancer) to start a new life.

9. There are other houses on the estate with floor problems. We know of
3 houses and we have friends that experienced a major leak and have had
trouble getting Redrow to admit liability for damage caused.

10. Simple tasks seem beyond the builder. We spotted a number of faults
before we moved in such as, The driveway was too narrow for 2 cars, the
wrong kitchen was installed, the ceilings had been artexed.

11. An example of a silly fault and their incompetence- Sockets boxes
had screws that were not gripping to the wall. When this was repaired
the box behind tiles were damaged and the electrician tried to stick
the socket to the wall with silicon. He could not understand why we
were unhappy with this. A tiler & electrician had to call to repair
this fault. It took 3 attempts. That was 3 days waiting in for them to
fix 2 sockets.


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