Alistair Munn
Date: Monday 6 February, 2006

I’m sure that as a direct result of the format and thoroughness of your guide all my snaggings have been fixed or are in progress.

So I would recommend both your snagging list as an essential investment and also recommend Robertson Homes Ltd (Robertson Construction Ltd) for the speed of response and high level of customer service in fixing any snagging.

Ann Marie Gill

Date: Friday 12 August, 2005
I found this excellent to use – I can be very pedantic about
things at the best of times and there’s no way I would have been able
to successfully complete my snagging without the help of this really
well laid out checklist.

It’s very methodical and there was no
issue telling my foreman i wanted access to my place for a few hours to
be able to run through everything on my own.

The builders actioned everything on my list and didn’t remark on any of it.

I’d highly recommend this to someone who wants to get fully involved in the
purchase of their own home, you get a great sense of satisfaction.

Good luck to futures purchasers of this checklist!!

Ann Marie

Yasmin Shaw

Date: Monday 07 February, 2005


Many thanks for your excellent report. I wasn’t the flavour of the month walking onto the site with it (as you can imagine)

My Site Manager smirked at my thick folder & report when I arrived
on site, but did not smirk much when I found that 4 lounge patio doors
did not open more than a few inches and scraped both window sills in
the process, and when I refused to sign his demo sheet until I had
spent several more hours with my report! He has been a bit more
friendly since and has started to fix things so that they don’t appear
on his demo sheet!

Most of it has been fixed or is being fixed prior to completion which
would have never happened or been known about without your report!

Best £15 I ever spent!



Mathew Oram

Date: Saturday 03 July, 2004


Whilst I am yet to use the snagging guide, first impressions are
impressive. At 55 pages long there are elements in here that I would
have completely overlooked (or not thought they were that big an issue).

I’m moving in to a new home in Milton Keynes in August where the list
will be used in anger …. hopefully there will not be many snags.

For my first new home I had no such list. Although I must say the house
only had a few minor snags that were fixed within 1 month of moving in.
I’m guessing i’ll be lucky to have the same experience twice!

Highly Recommended!!! (cheap compared to the price of you new home!!)


Date: Thursday 17 June, 2004


I’ve read through the guide already and it’s given me food for thought.
It’s perhaps not definitive, but there’s penty on there to warrant the
price! It does give me some confidence I’m not letting things slide
that I am entitled to ask to be fixed. (About 3 weeks to go to moving,
so expecting to snag some time in the next week or 2).


Date: Thursday 17 June, 2004


The builders that we are dealing with for our new apartment told us
that the snagging list is the best that they have ever seen for its
thoroughness and want a copy of it (Don’t worry – we’ll refer them to
the website!) I have to say that it was absolutely brilliant to be able
to go around each

section of the apartment inside and out with a clear plan of what we
needed to look for. We picked up several things that we would have
probably have missed without the list. It also gave us confidence to
pick up on things which we may have left in fear of appearing ‘too
picky’! It’s a great tool and I have already recommended it to friends.
Well worth the money!

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