The status of ( as the premier site for buyers of new-build homes was demonstrated after thousands of people visited the site immediately after it was featured on ITV2’s Tonight with Trevor McDonald.

The site was shown on Dream homes or new-build nightmares?, broadcast on March 21, resulting in 3,000 visits to the site that evening.

More than 35,000 people have visited since the site was launched 12 months ago.

Catriona Bright, director of New Build Inspections which is the company behind, said: “The popularity of is a sad reflection of the growing dissatisfaction with the quality of new homes in the UK something which would not be tolerated in any other sector.” provides resources for people buying new-build homes and includes a detailed ‘Snagging Checklist’ downloadable for just £14.99. This enables buyers to do their own snagging survey which would otherwise cost up to £400.

Bright added: “The housing industry has been self-regulating itself via the NHBC which does not ensure that homes are finished to standard but instead simply provides housing developers with an insurance scheme to cover major structural defects. This government has a unique opportunity to ensure homes are finished to standard by ensuring that new homes are inspected by the new army of home inspectors currently being drafted as part of the 2004 Housing Act.”

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