New dad Danny Suttie’s £140,000 dream home has turned into a nightmare after he found 52 faults.

And when builders Persimmon sent out a team to repair the problems, workers ended up flooding the three-bedroom property with waste water.

Now the engineer says he’s been forced to repair some of the defects himself.

He moved into the house with wife Cara four months ago. Their son James was born
last month.

It should have been a happy time – but the couple say they regret buying the house after being hit with a problems including a faulty toilet.

Danny said: “It’s just not acceptable.

“We were left without a working toilet or a shower for days.

“Water was then coming through the living room ceiling.

“We found a wad of cloths had been left stuck between the levels of the property. A bit of cut-off piping had been left, too. We thought this was very poor.

“I just wanted everything to be OK for our wee boy coming home but it wasn’t.

“They came out two weeks ago to try to fix some of the problems – and flooded downstairs with waste water. It soaked into the carpets and no attempts were made to clean it.

“There’s a baby in the house and it’s disgusting. We just feel like moving out.”

Danny claimed Persimmon seemed keen to get the family into the house in Dunfermline.

He believes they should have taken more time ensuring it was finished to a higher standard.

He said: “We reserved a plot for the house and they were on our cases wanting us in as soon as it was ready.

“We moved in and I went round the house and couldn’t believe it. I had a 52-point snagging list within days.

“Window sills weren’t fitting and pipework was exposed. The place was a mess.

“We got the keys on December 14 and sent them the list three days later. They sent out a project manager but he just kept saying he’d get back to us.

“My wife was due to give birth as all this was going on.

“There was mould in the kitchen and we felt it was a health hazard. I took the skirting off and there was mould there too.

“There was no street lighting, so we were left trying to get inside in the dark.

“I was left having to try to physically track down the project manager at the firm’s other sites.

“We had a meeting last month and they were very apologetic and promised things would be sorted.

“I fixed some of the problems myself but others have arisen – the list now stands at about 40.

“I have just been left fed up. I feel the only thing left is to move out into rented accommodation and send the bill to Persimmon.”

Iain Innes, managing director of Persimmon Homes North Scotland, said: “We would like to offer our sincere apologies to Mr Suttie and his family for the delay in addressing the snagging required at his property.

“We’re fully committed to completing the work required and have been in regular contact with Mr Suttie to confirm a convenient date.

“We’ve also agreed we will offer alternative accommodation while the work is being carried out to minimise any inconvenience it may cause.”

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