A housing development put on hold for a decade has been called a “blight on the community”.

Harron Homes said the scheme at Heol Berwyn, Cefn Mawr, was left unfinished following the 2007 financial crash.

But residents called the delay “unacceptable” and raised concerns over open sewers, rat infestations and anti-social behaviour.

A petition calling for the project to be completed was handed to Parliament on Wednesday.

Wrexham councillor Derek Wright said: “I understand they want to change the design and layout of the site.

“If that is the case, I hope they undergo full consultation with the people living in that area on the design and listen to their views.”

Local MP Susan Elan Jones said a campaign by Mr Wright had seen Harron Homes clear overgrown weeds and re-surface the site.

“However, having held a local public meeting, we decided it was time to take the step of presenting a petition in parliament to try and get the developer to do more to address the concerns we have,” she said.

Mother-of-five Laura O’Donnell, who lives in the estate’s only finished house, said in the summer her doors and windows were “black with flies” from a local sewer plant.

“If I was to buy, I wouldn’t buy here.

“They were asking an awful lot of money for the houses. It’s not really affordable for families.”

‘Not forthcoming’

A Harron Homes spokesman said it was “common practice” for schemes to be put on hold at the time of the 2007 recession.

The company claimed support from Wrexham council had “not been forthcoming”.

The council has been asked to comment.

A statement from Harron Homes said: “Unfortunately, we cannot accept the council’s request for the land to be gifted to them as a charitable donation to off-set against our tax liability, although we await further details on this as promised by the council.

“As part of these efforts, we have entered into consultations with Wrexham council in 2014 to 2016 and have made enquiries about selling the land to an appropriate local housing association of the council’s recommendation.

“In the meantime, we will continue to endeavour to maintain the site to keep it in a safe condition despite regular vandal damage and fly tipping, which is being reported to the council.”

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