Many people elect to buy new-build houses so they won’t inherit other home owner’s problems. We have received over 200 emails from people who bought new-build houses from Westbury Homes. They have inherited more problems than they bargained for.

One viewer had a sloping floor. When she commissioned an independent surveyor’s report, it found her brand new Westbury home had at least 43 different faults. The report called for Westbury to carry out basic repairs to, “render the dwelling fit for it’s intended purpose”. Another viewer in a Westbury Homes development in Weston Super Mare found the chimney was backdrafting. Westbury Homes have been unable to rectify the problem.

Another viewer’s new house needed the front re-building, none of the roof tiles were secure.

Watchdog asked a new-build homes inspector to take a look at the other houses on the street, they didn’t find a single tile nailed down.(see forums for comments) Archive

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