We moved into our Westbury home last May, only a few other properties were occupied.The land above our property was still being developed. After having to live one what one would describe as a bomb site, the road was eventually completed and properties landscaped.

On returning home after a weeks holiday we found that the damp proof course was now approx 15inches below ground level and the surface water was draining on to our property from seven adjacent properties. We approached Westburys who seemed little interested in our complaint and they said it would be looked into by their team. Returning home again one evening we found a moat dug around the house and were told you’ll be OK now youve got a French Drain. We pointed out that this was no solution as the water was still draining towards the property and it was illegal to drain road surface water onto your property. We have since contacted NHBC and have an inspector calling this coming Wednesday and are waiting to see if Westburys have the decency to turn up. We were awakened on Saturday morning at 7.15 am by a JCB attempting to dig a trench around the 2 sides of the property. My hubby jumped out of bed threw himself in front of the JCB and ordered them to stop. After a lenghthy chat with the chap we were told that Westbury had told him to get the trench dug before the NHBC arrived. He went on to say that the work would not solve our problem he advised Westbury at the onset to higher the foundations by 60cm instead they did it by 20 resulting in the foundations being below ground level. The 7 adjacent properties we now find are like a swamp on their rear gardens as they have no drainage whatsoever. In his words Westbury’s had dropped a B…..k. We Have decided that we will now involve the press and will consider approaching New Homes From Hell if we receive no satisfactory outcome. We are now talking the matter over with our neighbours who are also disguntled with their drainage and as they say the more that complain the merrier. I will keep you informed of our progress

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