I moved into a new Redrow home in December 2004 and laid a laminate floor in the living room through to the dining room. In February I noticed. the laminate floor was starting to warp and small bubbles were appearing just under the surface of the laminate. I called in the floor company who removed some of the laminate floor to find the whole concrete floor was wet through and this was causing the laminate to warp. I called in the site manager who said the floor had not been left long enough to dry out before we fitted the laminate floor. Redrow sent a surveyor round who did a moisture test and he also said the floor had not been left long enough to dry out and once dry we would have no further problems with moisture rising up from the floor. It has now been over three weeks since we found this problem and I am still waiting for redrow to come up with a solution to resolve this matter. Meanwhile, we are living on a half laminate/ half cardboard floor.

Has anyone else had this problem and could anyone give me any advice as to how long a concrete floor should be left to dry out before laying laminate or carpet in a new build house?

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