A snagging list is created by new build buyers in the UK and Ireland to detail the snags and defects in their new home.  Many opt to create their own snag list using a snagging checklist or guide book which represents great value compared to the cost of using a professional snagging company. A company will find more faults and will help ensure that the house builder rectifies the snags within a reasonable time.  However, these snagging services are not affordable for all and many have to create their own snag lists using a DIY snagging check list.

A checklist empowers new home buyers by helping them to carry out their own inspection without using a professional service. The checklist is written without the use of jargon to ensure that anybody can do an inspection. It helps new build buyers to create their list in a methodical and logical manor without specialist house building knowledge and helps to ensure that defects are reported as early as possible in the build process as possible for the builder to put right.

Ideally, snagging defects are submitted to the house builder and rectified before the buyer moves in. This means the homeowner does not have the hassle of arranging for builders to access the property after they have moved in,  and there will be no need to waste time and energy trying to get the home builders to rectify snags. It will significantly reduce the stress of buying a new build home.

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