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Barratt Homes Posionous Lake Complaint

This story highlights the fact that the house builders will build absolutely anywhere. Extreme care needs to be taken when buying new homes on these so-called brown field sites. You really need to do your homework to find out what that land was used for. Amazingly, even though the authorities knew about the nature of […]

Barratt Homes Renege on Play Area

I was just writing about issues with parking on a new build estate in Devon and how developers try to maximise the number of units on a site by minimising parking and play areas etc. If residents are lucky the local council will intervene to ensure that certain features are required to get planning consent. […]

New Home Parking Problems

New home developers hire specialist planning consultants and designers that aim to maximise the profitability of every planned development by ensuring that the housing density is a high as possible. This impacts on many aspects of a development that make living there more enjoyable such as open spaces, play areas and the like. However, the […]

Bett Homes Completion Delays

Or is that Gladedale… Snagging forum member  Clare was due to move into her new house on 23/10/09 and the day before, yes the day before, she was told it would be another week.  Well that in itself is not unusual. Many new build buyers are let down time and time again by the builders […]

Barratt Homes Fined for Ignoring the Law

Bolton Council has successfully taken action against Barratt Homes who have been fined £5,400 for flyposting in the Bolton area. The builder was given ample opportunity to take down the illegal posters but failed resulting in the local council taking action. Obviously, the builder sees this fine as being insignificant compared to the advertising and […]

Noisy Bryant Homes Flats

The Daily Mail has an article today about widespread problems with poor sound insulation in new build homes. What do you expect when there is no standards and homes simply have to adhere to a set of theoretical standards managed by a company called Robust Details Ltd (I think that must be an ironic name). […]

Road Adoption Problems

One downside of a brand new house is that the access road to it may not have been adopted by the local council. And as residents of the Balmossie Green development off the A92 opposite Panmurefield Village have found, if that road is on a hill, there may be no-one who has the legal responsibility […]

New Build Buyer’s Guide

This guide will help you navigate the new build buying process: from selecting a plot, choosing a design through to considering security and parking. This comprehensive guide will help you make the right choices to ensure you find the perfect home. This 2000 word guide  is the perfect antidote to the marketing material provided by […]

Snagging 2.0

Well it is about time we embraced all things web 2.0 and have set up various social media profiles to help raise awareness of snagging issues and the lack of consumer rights when buying a new build home. Even some of the builders are starting to use these tool which is a sure sign that […]

Taylor Wimpey Shafted

With the property market in the doldrums, millions of us are wondering if our home is the secure investment it once was. But for David Robinson, there was a much more unusual reason to be worried. When he first moved in to his new house, David had no idea that beneath his drive – and […]

What is a snagging list?

A snagging list is created by new build buyers in the UK and Ireland to detail the snags and defects in their new home.  Many opt to create their own snag list using a snagging checklist or guide book which represents great value compared to the cost of using a professional snagging company. A company […]

Ignored by Taylor Wimpey

An Earley first-time buyer is still battling with the builders after moving into her new home at the end of June. Emma Kinghorn bought a £160,000 flat in a Taylor Wimpey development in Regis Park Road and is beginning to wish she had not. Miss Kinghorn, operations manager at a leisure centre, said snags at […]

You’d expect more for £440,000

Gavin Henderson had been commuting for almost a year from Newcastle – longing to move into his new house down south. But when he and wife Susan arrived at their new £440,000 Taylor Wimpey home in Padworth two months ago they began to discover a catalogue of 160 alarming faults. Early shocks when they arrived […]

Bellway Homes Beaten

A beautician who defeated one of the UK’s biggest homebuilders at the High Court has been given a £10,000 scholarship to study law. Georgina Blackwell represented her mum without any legal training because they could not afford a lawyer and won the case against Bellway Homes in a dispute over access to their garden. Today […]

New Homes Complaint?

Do you have a complaint about new build homes? Do you want the chance to win  £30? Then visit

Housebuilders face home truths over complaints

Complaints about alleged defects in new homes are increasing, despite a slump in the number of properties sold in the recession. Complaints to the National House Building Council (NHBC), which offers warranties on 80% of new homes, topped 64,000 in 2008/09. This is up only slightly from 63,000 in 2007/08 but comes in a year […]

Shoddy house builders blasted by Selby residents

RESIDENTS of a new Barratt estate claim the house-builder has gone against planning approval for their homes to save cash. Paula Walter and John Davies (above), backed by other residents of The Haven, claim Barratt Homes promoted 37 top-of-the-range Selsdon properties for sale after being granted planning permission for the house type but actually built […]

Obsessed with house prices, we ignore the cost of lives spent in shoddy homes

For one of the world’s more mobile populations, Britain has collectively hit something of a brick wall during this recession. Shortly before the economic balloon went pop, in July 2007, you may remember that Gordon Brown announced a plan to ensure that three million new houses would be built by 2020, thereby preventing another unsustainable […]

New homes are too small for everyday life, say residents

Forty four per cent of all households surveyed say they do not have enough space for small children to play safely in the kitchen while meals are being prepared, and 37 per cent say they or their children do not have enough space to entertain guests privately. Seventy two per cent do not have enough […]

Getting on the Property Ladder

Over the past twelve months the mortgage lending market has stripped around 90% of products off their shelves, meaning that a varied choice of mortgage deals are not available for first time buyers. This means saving a bigger deposit is imperative. In previous years, a 5% deposit was deemed acceptable, however talking about the current […]