Bellway Homes

Bellway Homes Beaten

A beautician who defeated one of the UK’s biggest homebuilders at the High Court has been given a £10,000 scholarship to study law. Georgina Blackwell represented her mum without any legal training because they could not afford a lawyer and won the case against Bellway Homes in a dispute over access to their garden. Today […]

In need of repair

Builders Bellway Homes North East jumped into action when I asked for an explanation about Andrew Hutchinson’s complaint. Andrew told me how his new home needed various repairs after he moved in. Now the Newcastle-based company has given Andrew top priority to clear his list of outstanding problems. Bellway will re-surface the crumbling drive at […]

Anger over new Bellway Homes

THEY say home is where the heart is – but a fed up group of residents today claimed buying new property on an Ipswich estate has left them wishing they had never bothered. All 16 homeowners in Cranberry Square, Ravenswood, have levelled an angry blast at Bellway, criticising the developer for failing to deliver the […]

Bellway Homes lands £10,000 bill for polluting beck near building site

Newcastle-based Bellway Homes was fined at Barnsley Magistrates’ Court after pleading guilty to the pollution of Knoll Beck at Brampton near Barnsley. The company, of Dudley Lane, Seaton Burn, was also ordered to pay full costs of £2,119.87 to the Environment Agency, which brought the case. James Keeley, for the Environment Agency, told the court […]

Homeowners to sue Bellway over 30ft cliff in garden

The brochure described it as a gently-sloping back garden. But when Alan and Jackie Carter prepared to move into their newly-completed four-bedroom Bellway house, they were horrified to discover what could only be described as a cliff towering above it. Astonishingly, builder Bellway Homes had constructed both their and their neighbours’ back gardens on two […]

Bellway…..NO WAY!!!

I have brought a Bellway home in Devon where I live. The completion was due in February of this year and here I am at the end of May still unable to get a completion date. The lack of communication and excuses are adding to sheer frustration and I if I could I would withdraw […]