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David Wilson Homes

David Wilson Homes Blog

Follow Scott and Kath Turner as through the process of buying a new David Wilson Homes house. Hopefully, like most of the other bloggers they will get a house finished to a better standard than most. Or maybe not… David Wilson Homes

David Wilson Homes Fiasco

My Husband and I moved in to a David Wilson Home in Little Dunmow, Essex at the end of june 2005, and have since had snagging problems unresolved. We have rain water gushing down between our wall and next door’s (show home). This has been reported time and time again, in fact since last September. […]

David Wilson Homes Customer Care

We purchased a 2 bed flat from DWH in May 2003. We only went to look at the Development with no intention to buy and came away determined to purchase one of the flats. The deposit was down within a week. The flat was near complete and had only the kitchen, sanitary ware, skirting etc […]

David Wilson Homes: Rhoose Point Embankment

When the Gallimores from Rhoose Point bought their £200,000 house, they discovered a unique water feature that they could do without Most new houses, when bought, have a few snags which need correcting but weeks after buying a new house in Rhoose Point in the Vale of Glamorgan, Paul and Karen Gallimore faced a rather […]

Property nightmare: a new home full of flaws

Ask Allyson Snape anything about plumbing, central heating, power showers, damp problems or roof repairs and she’ll probably have the answer. Her know-how comes not from evening classes, but a three-year saga that she and her husband John have faced since they bought a “luxury”, four-bedroom David Wilson home in the Peak District, writes Christopher […]

David Wilson Homes: If only they had snagged

A family bought a house found hundreds of defects. They could have avoided the heartache, explains Christopher Browne The McGuire family could hardly contain their excitement when they moved into the five-bedroom house they had just bought on a new estate in Cambridgeshire. “We’d been anticipating the big day for months,” says Hazel McGuire. However, […]

David Wilson Homes Watchdog

Watchdog has received over a hundred complaints about David Wilson Homes. The Bannings were approaching retirement and had saved for years to buy their home. Dianne Banning told Watchdog, “We now face the prospect of our nest-egg being swallowed up with all the problems. The rendering on the front of the house has cracked and […]